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Grey's Anatomy recap: Poker Face

The Seattle Grace Mercy West doctors didn’t go international — but they certainly crossed their fair share of boundaries.

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The doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West have never been too concerned with boundaries. And that was flagrantly on display in last night’s new episode of the ABC medical soap, titled somewhat perplexingly “Poker Face,” which saw the reckless professionals virtually leave any and all borders and inhibitions behind and go rogue: Cristina and Hunt sexed it up in public without any regard for who caught them; Sloan infringed a bit too much on Arizona and Callie’s sexless relationship; and Meredith dutifully stuck her nose where it shouldn’t have been on two occasions — in both Bailey’s clinical trial and Derek’s case load.

Let’s start with the biggest offender, the doctor with the least regard for boundaries: Meredith Grey. Duh. As per usual, she was out of control, in her own sly way last night. First, she meddled with Derek by covertly sending her patient, who’d just given birth, over to him via diligent sis Lexie (who can’t find a storyline to save her life). But I suppose you can’t fault big sis Meredith too much for meddling because her meddling — as per usual — was ultimately helpful. (Remember what she did for Adele when she ruined Derek’s clinical trial? Meddlesome, but in the end, good.) That is all to say that the new mom whom she sent to Derek got a new lease on life after he successfully removed her butterfly tumor that had previously limited her life to just six more months. So, in effect, the Chinese wall that the couple had erected was breached, but for the greater good. So much for borders — behind the scenes, at least.

Before we move on from Derek and Meredith, I have one quick question: Where’s Zola? Sure, last week’s episode was very Zola heavy, so maybe we needed a Zola-light episode, but I find myself wanting an update on her in each new hour of the series, and frankly, it’s just weird that this episode virtually ignored Meredith and Derek’s current plight with their baby. Maybe baby Emma — the little one whose mother was saved by Derek’s miracle surgery — was intended to stand in for Zola, in some twisty way? I suppose she did in some ways, but that point wasn’t driven home too strongly. Just gimme me my baby Zola!

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