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The responses to Lexie’s death were much as you’d expect: Mark went into a catatonic-like state; Meredith was wailing like a crazy person; and Cristina went into battle-bitch mode to try to save everyone else. And, actually, it was the cynical doctor who provided the most refreshing commentary on a situation that was so insane and outlandish, especially when you consider how many insane and outlandish situations the Seattle Grace doctors have been through over their eight seasons. “I don’t understand how this keeps happening!” Cristina said, while clearly dealing with her own form of shock. “I’m serious, I do not understand how this keeps happening. We keep dying. We’re in a plane crash, like right now!”

The meta-commentary from Cristina was really the only thing that kept me from going off the deep end about all the events happening, really. “If there’s one thing that I’ve learned with all the bombs and the guns to my head and the buses running down my friends is that I am not interested in dying!” she said, referencing the avalanche of crazy that has befallen the cast over the years. “I want to get out of here, and I want to go home, and everyone has to help!” Her let’s-get-real dialogue just helped to even out the loony, unexpected events. Because, like, how many tragedies can these surgeons go through?

To be honest, the whole plane crash played so, so very crazy. The pre-credits segment of the episode — which was released earlier in the week — felt almost like it was ripped out of The Blair Witch Project, with its shaky, shrieky style. And, truly, where was Walt, the polar bear, and the smoke monster? Clearly, I was getting major Lost vibes out of this particular plane crash, too. And I handled all of the blood and gore pretty well — but my biggest complaint was actually about Arizona’s constant screaming. I was honestly surprised they couldn’t hear her back at Seattle Grace or all the way at their destination, in Boise.

Both Seattle and Boise — where the six surgeons and, yes, the pilot — were coming from and going to had no idea of what had happened. It was only during the last few minutes of the hour that Chief Hunt started to piece together that something was very wrong, as he listened to multiple voicemail messages from a doctor in Boise who was alarmed that the convoy from Seattle Grace had never arrived. So that’s where we left the episode: The Seattle Grace crashed crew was stranded in the woods, with no real hope of rescue, and Hunt was just figuring out that they aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Distress!

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