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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Migration'

The residents have tough decisions to make, the attendings struggle, and something big falls from the sky

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Randy Holmes/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Earlier today, creator Shonda Rhimes told EW that in addition to a big death, viewers should be prepared for something bad to happen in next week’s season finale.

Knowing that, I watched the penultimate episode with bated breath, constantly looking for clues of what impending doom might befall Seattle Grace next week. I watched Arizona break the news to her brother’s best friend Nick that his cancer was incurable, and thought that maybe this would lead to a bigger storyline.  I watched April lose all possible job offers, including a place at Seattle Grace, and surmised, “Oh, this is setting up her downfall.” I got my answer, however, in the last moments of the episode when a closing shot of an airplane carrying majority of our doctors crashed.

Yes, you read that right, and no, you didn’t stumble upon one of Doc Jensen’s old Lost recaps, may they rest in peace. We don’t know any details yet, but a plane carrying Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Arizona, and Sloan has crashed, split open in the middle of the wilderness. Maybe some of you predicted this when you saw them all on the plane, but — paint me oblivious — I actually gasped in those last moments. I know that’s a lot to process (it certainly was for me), so while you get your bearings, let’s start at the beginning.

Chief Hunt and the other head surgeons are in game-time mode in the conference room as they try and figure out which of their docs are leaving the nest. But while the surgeons powwow, the doctors with the real decisions to make are partying at Casa de la Grey, taking celebratory shots, and turning the music off every time a phone rings, lest it be a hospital with an offer. That included April, who got her first of many calls from hospitals revoking their offers. The second “retract call” came during lunchtime at the hospital where Cristina was on hand to pick up, put on her best high-pitched Kepner voice, and stick it right back to the bad news bearer.

I absolutely loved seeing Cristina stand up for Kepner when there have been so many moments when she’s really laid it on her. To me, it showed a true moment of unity as these doctors all go their separate ways. But though that moment was a bright spot, things continued to go downhill for April until she landed smack down at the bottom when Hunt told her that even Seattle Grace couldn’t keep her on staff. April is seriously unraveling, and even though she’s a pretty irritating character, I can’t help but really feel for her.

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