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Grey's Anatomy recap: Flirting with Trouble

Cristina becomes more suspicious of Owen’s every move and Debbie Allen returns as Catherine Avery 

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Greys Anatomy One Step Too Far
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First order of business: Your regular recapper extraordinaire, Tanner Stransky, is out. So you’re stuck with me for the duration of this recap. But I implore you to not pull the plug (pun intended) just yet. In last night’s “One Step Too Far” several of the doctors caught the flirting bug. There’s always a steady amount of flirting and sexploits — it is Seattle Grace, the land of the dreamy doctors, after all — but some pushed the boundaries. And as Meredith pointed out in her voiceover, “our intentions are always pure, but we also have the drive to push boundaries. So we’re in danger of taking things too far.” So let’s dive right in…

Picking up where she left off a few weeks ago, Cristina was growing ever suspicious of Owen. And as a viewer, I still couldn’t decide where I thought this was going. I hoped that Owen wasn’t cheating, but the end of the last new episode, it really seemed as though Cristina might be right. Matters were only made worse by the presence of hot nurse Emily (Summer Glau). Her public flirting with Owen only made Cristina’s paranoia grow. Cristina remained tense the entire episode, until she couldn’t hold in her suspicious any longer: “Can you stop screwing my husband?” she yelled at Emily. Only, it turns out Emily was just flirting to get through her day. She has a boyfriend, and was never involved with Hunt. Both Cristina and I let out a sigh of relief.

But instead of easing our fears, the Grey’s writers decided to drop a huge bomb in the last few seconds of the episode. And instead of burying it on the last page of the recap, we’re going to talk about it now: Owen did cheat on Cristina, just not with Emily. Cristina finally worked up the nerve to tell Owen how she’d been feeling, but he didn’t want to have the argument with her. She confessed she’d accused Emily of some extracurricular activity, but was relieved to hear that he “loves [her] so much that it hurts.” At first, I was moved by his seemingly romantic gesture. Then, he reworded it: “It hurts to love you.”

Owen admitted his transgressions. Fade to black. And we’re all left in the lurch until a new Grey’s — at least two weeks away — wondering what’s going to happen next. Obviously, the biggest question is whom did he cheat with? My gut reaction is Teddy. They have history. But she’s been so mad at him following Henry’s death, it doesn’t seem as likely. So unless it’s a newbie, I’m fresh out of guesses. Share you thoughts on the mystery mistress in the comments.

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