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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'All You Need is Love'

Love abounds in an episode that finds a happy Valentine’s Day for Meredith, Bailey, and most of Seattle Grace

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Greys Anatomy
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Consider it a Valentine’s Day miracle: Only one patient died on Grey’s Anatomy last night. And as we all know, that’s a pretty low body count for this sometimes horrific, unforgiving show. But why so little bloodletting? Well mostly because, as I said, it was Cupid’s Day, so on this latest new episode — titled “All You Need Is Love” — stayed true to its slug and was almost entirely focused on the relationships between the doctors of Seattle Grace.

I know, I know, you’re asking: Isn’t Grey’s always relationship-focused? Why, yes, but it was even moreso last night, as most of the relationships on the show moved forward in some way, starting with Derek and Meredith, who — channeling rabbits — tried their best to have sex out of the way of Zola. Luckily, they finally got to make it happen, thanks to Lexie, who took the little tyke off their hands on Valentine’s Day evening.

Even Lexie — who’s not technically in a relationship right now — saw her love life possibly take a giant leap forward. Much of this season we’ve watched as she danced around Mark, trying to decide if she still loves him and whether she should make some kind of move, despite him having a new girlfriend in Julia. Last night, Lexie got as close as she has, when she showed up at his place, Zola in tow, to try to tell him that she’s still in love with him. It’s unclear if she did say anything, but one thing was clear: Sloan seemed willing to listen to something, anything, from Lexie.

The boldness by Lexie was spurred largely by the case that she worked on that day with Webber. Yes — however sadly — she was working on the patient who died. At first, the case seemed like the most annoying thing ever: A mad girlfriend had chased her boyfriend to the point that he’d been hit by a car, after he didn’t propose to her on Valentine’s Day and instead gave her “another cheap necklace.” The disgusting, all-too-realistic, wedding-obsessed woman railed on at him, as he was being wheeled around the hospital. Eventually, he worsened, coded, and — yes, very unfortunately — died. And then came the bone-chilling part of the night that caused Lexie to run over to Mark’s: She found the “cheap necklace” the guy had given the girl in his things and inside the locket was hand-written, very simply, “Will you marry me?” Heart, dagger. Dagger, heart. Have you two met? Well, now you have.

Cristina and Owen were dealing with their own romantic woes, too. (Maybe “romantic” isn’t the right word for their issues, actually.) Cristina began the episode by telling Meredith that Owen was about to leave her. “And you know what?” she rattled on to Meredith, acting stronger than she was. “I don’t care. If he wants to leave, if he wants to hate me, then fine. I can’t make someone stay.” After that nightmare of a fight they had at Zola’s birthday party two episodes ago, the pair have been in a stand-off: Even a careening van of flowers that almost killed them couldn’t get them to care much for each other. “Are you okay? Are you sure?” Owen asked, before turning away, as if he didn’t care. Ouch.

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