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Grey's Anatomy season finale recap: Baby, Baby, Baby

A plane crash leaves few survivors, giving the docs plenty of time to forge new relationships and destroy old ones.

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Greys Anatomy
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At last we come to the end of this strange season of highs (the documentary episode, the Arizona/Callie wedding) and lows (yeah, the singing). So much change, so much coupling and decoupling, so much baby talk.

So let’s get to it. Mer and Der were working baby plans into their under-construction new house, and the adoption lady was showing up, it seemed, everywhere. As if she could tell if the house would be a good environment for the kid based on the fact that there would, in fact, be a concrete foundation and a basic frame. In any case, the couple was also moving forward with their Alzheimer’s trials at work, with Meredith insisting that he treat her “like a doctor” and not “like a wife” when they were in their professional capacity. When will these people ever learn that the only way to take the personal out of their hospital lives is to stop screwing and marrying each other? That would make it a lot easier when, say, Owen has to tell Derek that his wife messed with the trial protocol. Just as an example. This, needless to say, did not go over well with Derek. Meredith pleaded with the Chief, “Kick me off the study. There’s nothing wrong with the study.” But she refused to say what she messed with or why. The Chief said she’d probably be losing her job then; Meredith told Alex, who’d blabbed about the switch to Owen, to get his stuff out of her house. Cristina, too, was none too pleased with Alex; Alex seemed genuinely sorry, as he’d only meant to knock Meredith out of the running for chief resident, not get her fired.

Henry, too, was having too many feelings — namely, he was sad that Teddy would soon be leaving with Andrew for Germany. She protested that she was not his real wife, so he couldn’t get upset. “You’re my real best friend,” he countered. “What does that get me?” Aww, poor Scott Foley.

But we had no more time for Scott Foley’s big, weepy eyes because we got word that a 757 had gone down in the sound, and soon about 200 injured passengers would be arriving, with Seattle Grace as the headquarters for handling the traumatized families. Suddenly, Teddy wasn’t leaving quite so fast; they’d need surgeons as well as world-class trauma counselors, of which Andrew is the awesomest ever.

Oh, and guess what! Cristina found out she was six weeks pregnant in the midst of all this. As they waited for the patients to show up from the crash, she broke the news to Owen, who, naturally, was kind-of into the idea of having a baby. “I’m not a beautiful vessel for all that’s good about the future,” she snapped. Then: “Are you getting all lifey on me?” He said he wanted kids — as he’s hinted before: “I want them, and maybe you can, too.” He was so earnest when he gave his speech: “Cristina Yang, I imagined such a huge life for us.” It’s too bad he didn’t go ahead and ask her instead of just imagining, but he looked so sweet and pleading I almost wanted to have his baby. We should also pause to note here that if Cristina does get an abortion — something we won’t know for sure until next season — that’s a pretty historically rare happening in network television (though it’s a subject being addressed more and more).

Meredith was dealing with her massive life meltdown as well, still insisting to Derek and the Chief that “if you don’t know what I did, the trial stays blind.” Alex, however, had told them: It was Adele whom Meredith slipped the drugs instead of the placebo. A-ha. Now everything was clear to everyone. The Chief backed off and told Meredith he’d have to suspend her just to maintain some sense of protocol, but he’d obviously forgiven her. Derek, not so much.

It was also becoming clear that no patients would be arriving from the crash — if it was taking that long, no one could have survived.

And did we mention that April was named chief resident? Remember that thing everyone’s been competing for for months? Yep, our little former Everwoodian got it, as anticlimactically posted on the bulletin board amid preparations to receive the families of the dead passengers to break the bad news to them. Alex expressed his displeasure with the choice to Owen: “It was supposed to be me or Grey. You think anyone’s going to listen to Kempner? It’s going to be complete chaos.” Owen had an answer: “You think everyone’s going to listen to you? You just sold out the one universally liked individual at this hospital. Everyone’s going to hate you. … I was planning to give it to you. But now …” Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Meredith is apparently now “universally liked”? Sign of massive character growth, overstatement, or somewhere in between? And will Alex ever pull himself completely out of the jerk hole in which he always digs himself?

NEXT: The doctors break the bad news …