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Grey's Anatomy recap: Season 13, Episode 5

Amelia (maybe) is pregnant!

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ABC/Richard Cartwright

Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr., Kevin McKidd, Jessica Capshaw
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Some facts: Amelia’s period is late. Amelia wants kids. But Amelia has given birth once already to a son who didn’t have a brain — so it’s pretty understandable the idea of being pregnant again is a bit jarring for her. But she’s forced to face that idea this week when her period’s not on time.

Maggie’s overjoyed for Amelia, although Meredith is realistic about it: She keeps saying that until she pees on a stick, it’s not real. And she’s got a point. Like, why doesn’t she just take a pregnancy test? It’s not even like she has to run to the drugstore and get one; she’s in a hospital (probably) full of them.

But as the episode goes on, it becomes apparent the reason she’s avoiding taking it is because she’s scared of what the result might be. Part of this is because she’s struggling with the memory of the last time she was pregnant. By the time she discovered the news, the father was already dead of a drug overdose — so not only does the possibility of being pregnant remind her of her dead child, but also of her dead partner. What a fun time for Amelia!

Meanwhile, Owen’s babysitting April and Jackson’s kid. At first, he’s struggling a bit, though as the day goes on, he becomes more comfortable with little Harriet. So when Amelia later reveals to him that she might be pregnant, he’s overjoyed. Owen’s wanted to be a dad as long as we’ve known him, and now that he’s married, he’s ready as ever. He immediately starts brainstorming how they should lay out the house, and then… Amelia finally takes the test, and it turns out negative. No baby yet.

In other news, DeLuca and Jo are flirting a bit. Ever since Alex punched him, it’s been pretty obvious he and Jo are going to hook up eventually — Grey’s can’t resist a doomed pairing — and their chemistry definitely ramps up in this week’s episode, especially during a lighthearted interaction when DeLuca jokingly tells Jo she needs to treat her “self-pity gland.” That’s how flirting works, right?

These are really the only notable developments in this week’s uneventful episode. The rest of the time is taken by a story line about patients vying for a liver transplant, which has its highlights (a twin sister can’t donate her liver to her ill sister — because, surprise, she’s pregnant!), but overall it isn’t exactly captivating. So on that note, I’ll leave you with the hour’s funniest — and darkest — moment:

Meredith, on how she told Derek she was pregnant: “With Ellis, I was off the hook because he was dead.”

Maggie: “Well, this was fun…for a minute.”

Episode grade: C