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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'Falling Slowly'

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ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez

And another episode begins with a few words to live by, courtesy of Meredith: “The harder the hit, the more it’ll sting.”

Our friend Alex seems to be learning that the hard way, as he really can’t seem to catch a break. He’s trying his very hardest to prove that he’s no longer the evil spawn we once knew and, for now, that means waking up bright and early to get to the clinic and do scut work under the supervision of Tamir, a nurse who seems a little too eager to be bossing Alex around.

Anyhow, aside from a weird abscess on a man’s foot, the only real doctoring Alex does comes from a young college student named Emma (Taylour Paige), who has a little bit of an attitude and a lot a bit of alcohol in her system. Or so those in the clinic think. She makes it clear to Alex that this isn’t her first rodeo and that she ends up in the hospital pretty much every time she goes out and has a drink. Alex is quick to conclude that she’s an alcoholic but, since this is Seattle Grace we’re talking about, no diagnosis can ever be that simple.

A game of “Good cop, Bad cop” with Dr. Webber goes terribly awry when Dr. Webber accidentally dislocates Emma’s shoulder and the doctors come to the conclusion that alcoholism isn’t exactly the problem here. The good thing to come out of this is that, even though he couldn’t take the credit for it thanks to Nurse Tamir, Alex was actually able to properly diagnose Emma with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The bad news? He may just be going to jail since he never quite made it to the meeting he was supposed to have with his lawyer today.

Meanwhile, the honeymoon phase looks like it’s officially over for Owen and Amelia after Amelia begins to question their relationship. This all begins after Amelia makes a small inquiry about Owen’s religion, which then leads to her discovering that — gasp — she and Owen don’t really know much about each other. (But, if it’s any consolation, she does seem to have a surprising amount of info on Stephanie’s personal life.) After Amelia spends the entire day playing a game of trivia with her coworkers, the newlyweds finally take a moment to reveal some pretty dark secrets from their past: Owen brings up the time his PTSD caused him to choke Cristina, and Amelia opens up about her ex-boyfriend who died of an overdose. This seems to bring the two a little closer, so much so that the happy couple starts trying to get pregnant right then and there.

NEXT: Maggie still thinks it’s about her [pagebreak]

You know who’s also getting close? Not Meredith and Riggs. Meredith is still denying her attraction to Riggs, despite giving him the advice to politely decline Maggie’s date request. What makes things even worse is that she and Riggs disagree with Owen about whether a patient needs immediate surgery after a plane accident. They realize that that was the wrong call once the patient is left paralyzed from the waist down, and Meredith questions whether Riggs agreed with her because she was right or if he agreed with her because he was trying to better his chances with her.

After a heated conversation, Meredith tells Riggs that they should just be colleagues, to which he responds, “Why can’t we be friends?” Of course Maggie, who’s still living in her own bubble, manages to walk into the conversation at the tail-end and make it all about her. She’s spent the entire day being an awkward mess around Riggs and she thinks that the “we” Riggs is referring to is her and him.

And then there’s Jackson and April, who are adjusting to parenthood and are also a little tired — literally and figuratively. April is tired of waking up first and making coffee every morning and Jackson is tired of feeling obligated to drink the coffee. Ben suggests that Jackson tell April to nix the coffee in the morning while Arizona suggests that April move in with her. This is brought up during a little spat between the two of them later that night, but the couple decides that it would be best if April stayed.

This episode was filled with so much couples’ drama that the only question I’m left with is, what’s next for everyone?

Episode grade: B-