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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'I Ain't No Miracle Worker'

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ABC/Richard Cartwright

Grey's Anatomy

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Surgeons don’t believe in miracles, Meredith starts off the episode saying. But maybe they should: By the end of the hour, one of their patients has died — like, her heart didn’t just stop for a second; they actually declared her dead and put her limp body in a room for her family to say goodbye to — and then come back to life.

This patient, Georgia, is the matriarch of a family who was on their way to their father’s funeral that day when someone rammed into one of the funeral procession’s cars, causing a domino effect (and plenty of injuries). Twist: The offender was actually the family’s estranged sister, Kara, who no one had seen for about a decade. She came home to say goodbye to her dad, but was running late to the funeral… hence the rushed driving that resulted in a massive car accident. As if funerals aren’t already fun enough!

Kara’s brother and sister are pissed once they find out their sister is back, though Georgia is relieved. And, by the way, Georgia’s just fine at first. She’s walking around the hospital, checking on everyone, seeming totally normal. Then she goes to talk to her dead husband and tell him that Kara’s returned, and as she’s holding his hand, she goes into cardiac arrest. Soon, she’s also dead. It’s a bad day in this family.

It’s also a bad day to be Maggie, who is struggling to face Riggs at work after he rejected her date proposal last week. Rejection is hard enough, but when you have to go to work with the person who was like, “Nah, I’d rather not,” and have that person report to you? That sucks. She’s trying her best to not be awkward, though, and Meredith is trying her best to figure out a solution to this love-triangle-that-only-she-knows-is-a-love-triangle. To do this, she’s telling Maggie to just forget about Riggs, which Meredith should know better than anyone is no easy feat. She’s also telling Riggs that he should actually go back to Maggie, agree to a date, and act like a total douche — bad breath, no eye contact, the works — on said date. That way, she’ll think he’s terrible, won’t want him, and then Meredith will be free to have her leftovers. Perfect!

Riggs doesn’t necessarily agree to this “solution,” and Maggie notices that Meredith keeps brushing her off whenever she tries to talk about her Riggs drama. Instead of putting two and two together and realizing that, oh, maybe it’s because Meredith also likes Riggs, she just thinks Mer is being a bad sister by failing to listen to her romantic struggles. This is when Amelia steps in: She demands that Meredith listen to whatever Maggie has to complain about or say because that’s what sisters do. Meredith obliges. This is not going to end well.

NEXT: Georgia makes a comeback [pagebreak]

Now back to Georgia: Her daughter Maureen is saying goodbye to her when all of a sudden she feels a hand squeeze. She reports this to Amelia and Edwards, who both reject the idea that this could mean anything. They turn out to be very wrong, because seconds later, Georgia pops up. Yes, she literally pops up like a zombie emerging from the grave. She’s alive! And, as we soon find out, she doesn’t even have any neurological deficits. It’s still a bad day to be in this family — rest in peace, Papa Pete — but this is also pretty cool.

Once she regains consciousness, her two non-estranged children start complaining about Kara being there. Amelia, ever the meddler, again steps in and lectures them on how they need to forgive Kara for whatever she did because they’re family. Her mediating this episode comes off as comical, but it’s also probably, deep down, a reaction to her own family life. She doesn’t have a brother anymore, and she misses him, so she doesn’t get why people who do have living siblings don’t just suck it up, forgive them, and love them. And she has a point, so the siblings do as she says and go say hi to their sister (who also just had a baby — hooray!). Pete would be proud.

Someone who’s not proud: Robbins. She just returned from visiting Sofia in New York and is facing Karev — and DeLuca — for the first time. DeLuca offers to move out since he knows she’s tight with Karev, but she embraces him and tells him no. She is tight with Karev; she’s also really, really mad at him right now. Karev knows this, and he understands it — and he’s also having a terrible time working in the clinic. Here’s a snippet of conversation from the episode that accurately sums up both his and April’s current moods:

Alex: I just froze off a wart.

April: I just wiped a butt.

Alex: I did that, too.

At least April also has a beautiful baby (a boring, sleepy beautiful baby, but a baby nonetheless) to hang out with, while Karev just has grumpy patients afflicted with warts and constipation. Oh, and the fact that his mentor/good friend is furious with him doesn’t help much, either. But as a wise character says in this very episode, “Your mother will always forgive you, no matter how bad it gets.” Mother, mentor — same thing, right?

Episode grade: B