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Grey's Anatomy finale recap: Family Affair

Here comes the bride (maybe)

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ABC/Eric McCandless

Grey's Anatomy

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Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions. They’re supposed to be perfect days filled with love and joy and celebration. Grey’s Anatomy knows that’s not always the case, though, so it’s no surprise that Amelia and Owen’s big day is full of obstacles big and small.

Small obstacle: April accidentally leaves the rings at Meredith’s house. Big obstacle: April starts having contractions as soon as she and Ben get to said house to retrieve said rings. Bigger obstacle: There’s too much traffic for an ambulance to get there quickly enough, so Ben has to do a pelvic exam on April himself — and what he finds is not great.

The baby’s breaching, and there are some issues with the umbilical cord. He either has to give April a C-section right then and there or risk losing the baby. Problem is, Ben’s still in trouble with Bailey for operating in, uh, not ideal circumstances, and she just admitted to him that his 6-month suspension is not only for discipline, but because she needs some time to trust him in the OR again. But if any time is the right time to risk losing that trust again, it’s now. 

And it turns out that Bailey approves. He calls Arizona so she can walk him through the operation, and that’s when Bailey gets on the phone to tell him, very slowly and clearly, that she trusts him. That’s all he needs to take a bright green paring knife to April while she lies on Meredith’s kitchen table. Hope she wasn’t planning on having any family dinners there anytime soon.

After some predictably tough moments, the ambulance arrives and brings both April and the delivered baby to the hospital. April’s fine; the baby — a girl! — is fine; everything is, for once in Grey’s history, fine. Even Ben and Bailey are: After she tells him how great of a job he did saving not one but two lives, they embrace. Does this mean he can finally move off the couch?

Back at the church, Amelia’s freaking out. She got in a fight with her mom, who refuses to come to the wedding, earlier that day, and then she overheard Meredith telling Owen he should call Cristina just to let her know what’s going on. All of this — plus Derek’s absence, of course — makes her feel incredibly alone and unsure. Meredith doesn’t make it better when she asks an obviously upset Amelia what she can do to help. Nothing is what Amelia basically says. She knows Meredith doesn’t like her; her own brother isn’t there to walk her down the aisle; everything sucks. Then Meredith pulls through: “I can be a twisted sister for you,” she offers. And she means it.

The two end up running out into the rain (because, oh yeah, it’s pouring — don’t you know the people of Seattle can’t have nice things?) and bumping into Maggie, who joins them on what turns out to be a Slurpee run. If anything’s gonna make a hesitant bride-to-be feel better, it’s a gas station frozen drink, after all. Once they get there, Amelia can’t explain why she’s getting married and continues to freak out. Meredith, in peak twisted sister mode, doesn’t help when she says Amelia should “probably” know why she’s getting married on her wedding day. She does have a point, though.

Post-gas station, the three hang out in the car and talk about how many loves you get per life. Earlier in the episode, Meredith says it’s one. Then she goes back on that, saying that maybe we get multiple true loves. Maybe Amelia and Owen really are meant to be. And that’s enough to get Amelia back in the church to marry Owen, who’s been patiently waiting, despite Karev and Webber’s hints that he should give up on her.

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