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Grey's Anatomy recap: Things We Lost in the Fire

Meredith finds out why Owen and Riggs hate each other.

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Mitch Haaseth/ABC

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Grey’s did not feel like a winter finale for most of the episode. It didn’t feel like it when we found out the event of the day was a wildfire that only ended in one death (RIP, Casey). It didn’t feel like it when Jo yelled at Karev for always choosing Meredith over her. And it didn’t even feel like it when Meredith and Amelia had a screaming match in the hospital hallways. But that last moment? That last moment screamed winter finale (and, as a result, also screamed, “Please don’t go on a holiday hiatus!”).

Riggs and Owen continued butting heads, and we continued to be left in the dark about why they were butting heads. Then, conveniently, Owen’s mom showed up. Turns out that her boyfriend was in the fire, and she’s coming to check on him. And guess who greets her with a warm hug? Riggs.

Riggs and Owen later meet in the hallway, where Owen clocks him in the face after saying, “It is not your family; it is mine.” Meanwhile, Meredith is doing some investigating of her own to find out the story behind their troubled relationship by chatting up Owen’s mom. She gets the answer out of her but refuses to tell Amelia what it is — that’s Owen’s business, she maintains. And that pisses Amelia off. 

Amelia goes on to yell at Meredith about how she’s loyal to everyone but her, her own sister. That’s when Meredith gets harsh: “You are not my sister,” she says. “Cristina is my sister. You are Derek’s sister.” Tell us how you really feel, Mer.

This upsets Amelia, who responds by saying Derek would be disgusted if he saw Meredith now. By this point, Meredith is disgusted with Amelia, so she tells her she wants her out of the house. It’s about time: These two were never going to get along, and forcing them together is pointless. At least give them some more time to grieve before sticking them in a Real World-style living situation.

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After work, Amelia heads to the bar and sips on some non-alcoholic beverage until Riggs rolls up and orders her a vodka tonic because he doesn’t know she’s an addict. This is bad, bad, bad and sad, sad, sad to see her fall back into it after staying sober for so long and through such hard times. It’s not like we can even say, “Maybe she doesn’t drink it!” because we see her take a satisfied sip from the glass. 

My first instinct was to blame Riggs for this, mostly because everyone else seems to be blaming Riggs for everything on this show, but he had no way of knowing — and he asked her if she wanted a drink before he ordered one, leaving the decision completely up to her. That’s not to say she’s weak — addiction is a real disease, and Amelia is really affected by it — but it is to say that she needs to get help, ASAP. Where’s an impromptu AA meeting when you need one?

While Amelia’s at the bar, Meredith’s telling Owen he needs to pull it together before he gets in trouble. And that’s when she drops the bomb that turned the winter finale into a proper winter finale: “You never told me you had a sister,” she says to him, matter-of-factly. Well, then. That doesn’t explain much, but it does give another hint about Owen and Riggs’ messed-up past.

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