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Grey's Anatomy recap: Old Time Rock and Roll

Callie’s new girlfriend is from Meredith’s (recent) past.

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Adam Taylor/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Have you picked your jaw up from the floor yet? Now? Okay, good. 

Grey’s once again did that funny thing where they’re like, “Meredith is doing great!” right before throwing a huge — not Derek-dying huge, but huge nonetheless — curveball in her direction. But we’ll get to that in a bit. First, let’s talk Edwards, who shined especially bright in this sometimes sexy, sometimes sad, completely engrossing episode.

Amelia tasks Edwards with essentially torturing a patient, Rachel, who just had brain surgery. They make her get out of bed and take tiny steps, steps that are impossibly painful for her — so painful that she moans and cries the entire time and even vomits at one point. Understandably, Edwards is disturbed by this course of treatment, but she tries to truck along until she reaches her own limit. It’s then that she passes the torch over to Wilson, who is delighted to help.

Before Edwards does this, though, she tries to tell Amelia she’s not comfortable with pushing Rachel past her limit. Amelia responds by pointing out that surgery is traumatic and that this is traumatic too, but this is how Rachel is going to heal. It makes sense (and is wisdom that seems to be coming from personal experience on Amelia’s side), but it doesn’t sell Edwards on it. That’s because Edwards has a secret.

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Later on, Amelia discovers Jo doing Edwards’ work and is furious. So furious that Edwards comes clean about her past: When she was 5 years old, she was in a clinical trial for sickle cell anemia that involved doctors and nurses strapping her down to stick her with needles and take bone marrow samples and all the stuff 5-year-old kids really want to have done to them. The good news? The clinical trial worked, and Edwards came out of it a success story. The bad news? Working with Rachel is dredging up those painful memories.

Jo’s never heard this story before, so she assumes it’s false. Because apparently if you hear a new detail about a friend’s life that you haven’t before, it can’t be true, right? Jo must know every single thing there is to know about Edwards, right? She even has the stones to confront Edwards and ask her what it’s like not having a conscience. Jo. Jo. Why?

Edwards, rightfully feeling attacked, goes along with it and says that, yes, she did lie. Then Jo continues her role as Friend of the Year by telling Amelia about it, who then tells Webber about it. Webber, being the chief and all, knows the truth, though. In a sweet fatherly moment — but let’s be honest, does Webber have anything but sweet fatherly moments anymore? — he tells Amelia what he knows, causing Edwards to come clean about why Jo doesn’t know: because she doesn’t want to be labeled a patient anymore.

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