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Grey's Anatomy recap: You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side

Patient-doctor relationships get messy

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Richard Cartwright/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr., Kevin McKidd, Jessica Capshaw
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Rules are important in any job. But rules are especially important in the medical field, where breaking one can result in ending a life — yet, despite this, the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial seem to scoff at rules whenever they have the chance, as if they didn’t go into the profession knowing that medicine is one of the stricter career paths to take. 

For example, Edwards notices her new boytoy Kyle has a tremor on his other hand and wants to help Amelia operate on his brain once again. Amelia says no once she sees Edwards and Kyle swap googly eyes, and that makes sense: Operating on a loved one — or, in this case, a lusted one — can be dangerous because of the very fact that you know this person. There’s extra pressure to get it right and extra guilt if something goes wrong. Remember Denny? But Edwards is mad. She’s mad that Amelia is telling her no, that she’s taking Edwards off the case when she’s only slept with this dude twice. In real life, she’d understand why she can’t go in the OR with him. On Grey’s, she acts like she’s never even considered ethics at work. 

Her perspective is clouded with Kyle’s dreaminess, though, so it makes sense why she’s so insistent that she get in on the surgery, despite their personal connection. It makes even more sense when she later dumps him once he gets out of surgery — not because she doesn’t like him, but because she’s realized that after a childhood spent in and out of hospitals, she can’t do it again. She can’t waste away in waiting rooms as Kyle gets checked out and operated on. She has to be in the OR, helping people and working and focusing on herself. Maybe she wasn’t trying to blatantly disregard the rules when she tried to help with Kyle’s surgery; she was just trying to keep herself together. 

She struggles with the decision to break up with him, and her very reaction to ultimately ending it disproves something Amelia later says: It’s easier to walk away than to love somebody, she tells Owen in an impassioned speech outside his trailer. Grey and Maggie caught them naked on the couch earlier that day, and now she’s asking if he wants to make it work with her. She screws everything up, though, she warns. He screws up everything, too, he responds. Then they make out. Judging from their previous runs as a couple, this one isn’t going to be easy, but being together isn’t necessarily harder than leaving someone. Both can suck. Just look at poor Edwards!

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