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Grey's Anatomy recap: There's a Fine, Fine Line and It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

A snap decision tests Bailey and Ben’s relationship

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Richard Cartwright/ABC

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And to think all of this would have been prevented if only Bailey decided against calling a Code Pink.

It all begins when Karev realizes his fragile 6-year-old patient is missing. After Karev tells Bailey, security briefly convinces her not to call the code — not because they’re not concerned about the missing child, but because calling a Code Pink means locking down the entire hospital. That’s a big deal anywhere, and especially somewhere where going from one room to the next can be the difference between life and death. Karev is intent on finding this kid though, so he says five words to change Bailey’s mind: “What if it was Tuck?” With that, the code is called.

The good news is that Karev soon finds the kid hiding under a stairwell. The bad news is that Ben’s pregnant patient starts crashing as soon as the code goes into effect. This might be fine if they were in an OR or even just a regular hospital room (maybe?), but they’re not: They’re stuck in a hallway, and all the doors to get out of that hallway are locked shut. Ben can either watch his patient die or do something. So he does something as a horrified DeLuca assists.

Now’s an appropriate time to remember when Ben used a clipboard to open up a patient in the psych ward. He’s a good doctor, yes, but he doesn’t always play by the rules — and the medical field is all about playing by the rules, despite what previous episodes of Grey’s (LVAD, anyone?) have told us. He performs an emergency C-section on this woman — Gretchen — and once the code is lifted, Bailey finds Ben and DeLuca standing above her soaked in her blood. There’s a time and place for emergency C-sections, and in an isolated hallway during a Code Pink is… not it.

Ben truly believes that he did what he had to do to save Gretchen and her baby’s lives even though what he did was all kinds of wrong. To make things worse, both Gretchen and her baby die soon after. He thought he saved their lives; instead, he just gave them a few minutes longer.

Bailey spends that whole day looking for someone else, anyone else, to blame. Why did Meredith, the assigned doctor, leave Gretchen alone with Ben? Why did Arizona, who Meredith requested come by, leave Gretchen alone with Ben? DeLuca thought they absolutely had to do what they did, right? This can’t be all Ben’s fault, right? She discovers that Gretchen was stable when both Meredith and Arizona looked at her, and that DeLuca only said they did what they had to because that’s what Ben told him. Basically, things are not looking great for Ben.

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