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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'I Wear the Face'

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Remember how when April first came on this show she was unbearably annoying? Well, that was my opinion of her, at least. I mean, she did get McDreamy shot. But over time and through her relationship with Jackson, she became more tolerable. I dare say she even became one of my favorite female characters on the show. But now? We’re back to square one. Thanks to the incessant fighting between Jackson and April, this show has once again made me dislike her. And I’m not happy about it.

But the April-Jackson war isn’t the only one we’re dealing with. There’s also Meredith and Amelia, who are back living together but can’t even stand to have dinner in the same room. And thanks to some research grant, all the residents are pitted against one another, particularly Jo, Stephanie, and Penny (who says she’s not going to apply because she wants to stay near Callie). Spoiler: She applies.

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Then there’s the war between Catherine and Richard, the meddler and the annoyed husband. He is not a fan of her plan for Jackson to sue April — which April overhears, by the way — and he makes sure she knows of his disapproval. Even after she tells him that she had to fight a similar battle when Jackson’s father tried to take her son away from her, Richard still doesn’t change his stance. Just because it’s her story doesn’t mean it has to be their story. As for Jackson, he assures his mother that he has the situation covered. 

Elsewhere, April’s patient is a 14-year-old girl with a stomach aneurysm and an unborn child, all of which she’s keeping from her mother. Talk about a war. And not to over-play this theme, but the unborn child brings Arizona into the mix, and we all know that April and Arizona aren’t exactly on peaceful terms at the moment. Things only get worse when April wants to break doctor-patient confidentiality and update the mother and Arizona disagrees.

Long story short, April is the one who tells the mother despite her patient’s wishes, but once the aneurysm bursts, none of it matters anyway. The young girl makes it through surgery and instantly improves her relationship with her mother. As for April and Arizona, their relationship also improves. Not only does April get a glimpse of what it’s like to do the wrong thing while truly believing it’s right, but when she overhears Catherine talking about suing for custody, she turns to Arizona to rant. 

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However, when April says she’s already handled things, that’s when I get nervous. Just as she makes it home to discover that Jackson has sent her an apology and a crib, she sends him a restraining order. HERE WE GO AGAIN.

Elsewhere, Meredith finds herself in the middle of the Owen-Riggs war, which reaches new heights when Owen blames Riggs for literally everything bad that happens. First, he finds out that Riggs bought Amelia a drink a while back, so instantly Owen decides he’s to blame for her alcoholism. Oh, and the heart that they went to retrieve? It fails, and Owen decides that’s on Riggs, too. (Guys, is this making me dislike Owen?!)

The only thing Owen seems to have reason to be mad about is his sister’s death when he tells Meredith that Riggs didn’t try to talk her out of getting on that helicopter, mostly because he was too busy sleeping with someone else, which is why his sister was so eager to get away from Riggs in the first place. So is the helicopter disappearance Riggs’ fault? No. But Owen’s sister being on said helicopter might be.

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And that brings us to our final war amongst the residents, but mostly between Edwards and Blake. At first, Blake seems uninterested in the grant, so she’s happy to let Edwards take the lead on Shepherd’s case, which just so happens to involve operating on the brain of Wilmer Valderrama, who plays a musician, to fix his hand tremor. (Dr. Burke flashbacks, anyone?)

But when Kyle (Valderrama) takes a liking to Edwards, she’s bumped down to caretaker duty. Because Kyle will be awake during surgery, Blake will assist while Edwards keeps the “nasty hot” musician company. And when that pisses Edwards off, she decides to rant about Blake IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY, which of course, Blake overhears. Like I said: War.

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In the operating room, it’s Edwards who comes up with the best treatment plan, and Kyle walks out with a tremor-free hand. Edwards then apologizes to Penny…until Jo reveals that Penny decided at the last minute to apply for the grant. Furthermore, Penny wins. So yeah, they just gave the woman who killed McDreamy a grant. Real cool, guys.

And when Edwards tries to blame Shepherd for her loss, Amelia rightfully throws her out of the attendings’ lounge. But at least Edwards has Kyle to keep her company. 

As for Meredith and Amelia, they inform Maggie that they’re both good. Yes, they fight, but in their case, it’s not war. It’s sisterhood. (And I’m on Team Mer when it comes to cabinet doors. Close them, people! It’s not hard!)

What did you all think of the hour? Was that one music cue the loudest and most awkward choice you’ve seen on TV this year? Hit the comments with your thoughts, or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.