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Grey's Anatomy recap: When It Hurts So Bad

Meredith might not be ready to date after all, and Catherine proves she’s still a villain

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Grey's Anatomy

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This week’s all about romance — or, rather, dying romance: Maggie and Amelia both call it quits with their respective boos while Meredith has a day-long freakout after sleeping with Will for the first time. Now let’s talk about how they all got to those points. 

First off, we all know DeLuca’s been acting strange ever since he and Maggie went public. Well, everyone except Maggie. She doesn’t think it’s weird when he avoids her; she doesn’t think it’s weird when he doesn’t send her texts; she doesn’t think it’s weird when he tries to sneak out of her room in the morning and then acts nervously cold when she catches him and asks for a goodbye kiss. Maggie is in denial. Understandable: DeLuca is really, really cute. I’d probably be in denial if I were her, too.

It takes Amelia bluntly telling Maggie that DeLuca’s giving her the “brush-off” for her to realize that, oh, yeah, something’s amiss. Even then, she insists on stomping down to the hospital and brushing DeLuca off herself. “No one brushes me off,” she tells Amelia and company. “I’m the brusher.” She doesn’t end up brushing him off, though, but rather confronting him about his behavior. When she point-blank asks him if he wants to be with her or not, he responds by looking down. That’s all Maggie needs to know that DeLuca is done — what she doesn’t know is that this probably has to do with the fact that she’s a professional superior to him, and everyone looks at him differently now that they know he’s sleeping with his boss. DeLuca obviously hasn’t watched enough Grey’s Anatomy; if he had, he would know that no one really judges anyone for sleeping with anyone at this hospital (unless it interferes with their own love lives, of course).

So that’s over. Also over? Amelia and Owen. After last week’s drunk debacle, Amelia’s not sure what to do about him. She’s sober and trying to stay sober, and hanging out with a wasted boyfriend dealing with some deep emotional issues isn’t going to help that. Ben, not knowing what happened between the two, advises Owen to apologize, which he does. It’s not enough: She tells him she appreciates it, but she can’t trust that he means it when he says it won’t happen again. With that, she asks him to leave, and with that, Amelia is kicking ass at sobriety. Letting him go, even if it doesn’t last, must have been incredibly difficult, so it’s a big and impressive move for her to prioritize her own well-being over that relationship.

Callie and Penny are also having some troubles after Penny tells Callie she loves her. Callie’s response: “Thank you.” Penny emerges unscathed until Sofia, Callie and Arizona’s kid (remember they have a daughter?!), shows up in the ER with a cut on her head from falling. No one else is available, so Penny fixes her up. In other words, Penny does exactly what she’s supposed to as a doctor. Callie freaks out, though, and gently scolds Penny for meeting Sofia without permission. Arizona is sensitive about it, Callie says. Callie is lying, which Penny finds out when she apologizes to Arizona. Draaaaama. 

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