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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'I Am Not Waiting Anymore'

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Well, let me start by addressing the obvious: Arizona was WRONG. Sorry, wait. That wasn’t what I was supposed to say (though it is obvious). First and foremost, I’m filling in for your regular recapper, Ariana Bacle, so if you feel the need to chat with her, I won’t hold it against you, but I guess you’ll have to tweet at her?

As for me, I have a lot of feelings. I feel like I’m so tired of watching Jackson and April fight. I feel like Arizona really needs to take a look in the mirror. And more than anything, I feel sorry for those poor lobsters who are stuck with a very drunk Owen right now. Let’s recap, shall we?

We pick up right where last week left off, with April finding Jackson only to discover that Arizona beat her to the punch and spilled the pregnancy secret. Arizona ripped off the bandage, according to Mer’s voiceover. And yes, it definitely “hurt like hell.”

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April, of course, claims that she was on her way up to tell him herself, but all Jackson can hear is that April spent the past 12 weeks keeping a secret from him. In other words, she knew about the baby before they signed the divorce papers. But thanks to a very convenient ER page, April is back to what she does best: walking away.

The other important page/case of the episode involves one of Alex’s patients, a young girl who needs a triple-organ transplant. And thanks to that surgery, Maggie is forced to cancel her dinner with DeLuca and Richard — they’re fine with it, by the way — and Meredith is forced to decide if she’s going to give Mr. Tall Hottie a chance.

Standing outside, staring up at this new man who is highly interested in her, Meredith agrees to grab drinks with Will the next day, “unless, of course, I change my mind.” You know, I’d make fun of Meredith’s game, but it seems to be working. (I also don’t think she’s trying to be smooth. After all, McDreamy was always the smooth one.)

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The final couple update of the moment goes to Amelia and Hunt, who seem to be perfectly happy after their visit to the puppies. Hunt’s even happy enough to tell Amelia that not only is his birthday next week, but also that they should celebrate it together tomorrow. And you know what? She’s in!


Just like that, Hunt heads to the ER, where he will be joined by April and Riggs to work on Tess, the victim of a rock climbing accident. At least, that’s after Arizona attempts to apologize to April and April informs her that she can “go to hell.” And you know April believes in that stuff, so she really means it.

While Hunt, Riggs, and April work to save the rock climber’s life, Meredith is preparing for the transplant surgery by doing some jumping jacks to wake herself up. Why she’s doing them in the bathroom and not, I don’t know, anywhere else remains to be seen. But when Callie enters, she informs Mer that she is fully on Team Thorpe Horse? That’s a terrible name. 

Another mystery: I know this is a TV show, but can we talk about how Callie didn’t actually use the bathroom?

Finally in surgery, Mer takes out her date-related frustrations on the poor patient as she literally rips the girl open. Seriously Mer, be gentler. And with Maggie and Alex both spouting their opinions about the date, Mer’s head is pretty much spinning. Even after she leaves the surgery, shaves her legs, borrows Amelia’s clothes, and does her makeup, she still decides to back out and scrub back in.

Mer’s just not ready yet. And that’s why it’s a good thing Alex seems to have stolen all the Bailey wisdom for the week. After Bailey turns Arizona away — not only was she in the wrong for spilling April’s secret, but Bailey could fire her for breaking privacy laws — it’s Alex who tells Mer that her first date back is not going to be pretty. The first girl he dated after Izzie? “Messy.” He felt like he was cheating. But eventually, when you lose someone, you find someone new. It’s just how it works. Yes, it will be weird, but she’ll get over it.

My only thought: When he called McDreamy “somebody important,” I almost* threw my shoe at the TV. Talk about an understatement. (*The only thing stopping me was the lack of shoes on my feet.)

NEXT: April and Jackson yell some more


Meanwhile, in the ER, things go south for the rock-climbing patient. Hunt, Riggs, and April have to inform her parents that she’s essentially brain dead, and despite their daughter’s fiance’s wishes, the parents decide to keep her on a ventilator just in case of a miracle. And when Riggs tells the parents not to give up hope, Hunt confronts him, which opens up a new can of worms. 

According to Riggs, Hunt hates having him here because of the guilt Hunt feels for giving up on his sister. When Hunt came to Seattle, Riggs “stayed behind” and searched for her. He didn’t give up. The only reason she’s “dead” is because Hunt stopped looking and decided she was. And now, people at the hospital don’t even know Hunt had a sister? Yeah, maybe Hunt should take in the look as mirror, as well.

But at least he’s a good friend to April when Jackson loses it on her in the hospital and is all “I’m out.” Just as April’s freaking out about how everything is so “screwed up,” Hunt reminds her that having a baby is not “screwed up.” It’s a miracle. 

Handling the other side of that is Richard, who tries to talk to Jackson only to hear the “you’re not my father” speech. (Jackson’s not the first person in this hospital to say that to Richard.) But Richard doesn’t walk away. Instead, he informs Jackson that he might’ve found out about the baby a bit late, but at least he didn’t find out decades late. And now, it’s time to step up.

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But if you thought that would make Avery go to April and finally settle things, you were so, so wrong. Avery does show up at the apartment to apologize, but things take a bad turn when April explains why she waited to tell him. She says she wanted to know everything was going to be okay, and in that moment, Jackson decides it was actually because she was waiting until she was too far along to “do anything about it.” 

From Jackson’s point of view, an abortion could’ve been the answer to not putting them through this again or putting a child through what they went through the last time. But April is quick to point out that “you don’t count here.” Until the baby is born, he is not a father. And he has no rights here. So, she slams the door in his face, and I, for one, could not be more tired of watching these two fight. 

And speaking of unhappy couples, we also have DeLuca, who wanted to go public with his relationship with Maggie…until other people started having opinions and he had to worry about special treatment. Now, he’s choosing to “study” instead of seeing Maggie.

Finally, there’s Amelia, who shows up to Owen’s Airstream all ready to celebrate his birthday when she finds him drunk and clearly dealing with what Riggs said to him. So she leaves in tears.

But there is one potentially happy couple. After her 17-hour surgery, Meredith calls Will, and he offers to drive her home. Parked outside her house, they share French fries, talk about surgery, and make liver jokes. And somewhere along the way, Mer forgets just how tired she is. (So maybe Will’s better at waking her up than bathroom jumping jacks are?)

Altogether, I’m not sure how I feel about Meredith and Will just yet, but when it comes to Arizona and the matter of April and Jackson, I need a break from all the drama. I’m mad at Arizona, and I’m sick of the other two. I have to say, when Jackson gave his whole “what about me” speech to April, I couldn’t help but flash back to that amazing moment between Izzie and Denny in season 2. But the difference is that the Izzie-Denny scene was full of love, and these two? They’re killing me with their anger. 

What did you think of the hour? Hit the comments with your thoughts, or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.