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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'Odd Man Out'

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Richard Cartwright/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Grey’s really put all its effort into its final few minutes tonight: Most of the episode was entertaining enough but fairly uneventful until the romance and drama that we’ve come to know and love from the show kicks in. And, oooh, was there drama.

The episode kicks off with a frustrated Webber spouting off some wisdom about how residents who stay in one place are stagnant, and how he’s going to fix that by forcing everyone to work outside of their specialties. This creates some tension, namely when Jo gets assigned to Meredith and Penny to Amelia. Meredith, predictably, acts like a mean-spirited ice queen to her new resident, and Amelia isn’t any better toward Penny. But Webber’s little experiment actually forces them to grow a little: Jo ends up confronting Meredith — “Get your own boyfriend!” she tells her at one point, revealed her Alex-related jealousy — before Meredith eventually apologizes for the way she treats Jo like an annoying insect, and Amelia warms up to Penny after realizing that she’s pretty great in the OR.

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Even though Amelia eventually sees that Penny is a talented person, it’s a hard journey to that conclusion. Penny is the woman who was there when her brother died, after all. This throws a wrench into Owen’s plan to wine and dine Amelia as if it’s their first date, but he recovers quickly: Once he realizes Amelia’s probably not in the mood to dress up and go to a fancy dinner, he decides to instead take her to a nearby room in the hospital where a bunch of therapy puppies are hanging out. Take note, Nicholas Sparks: Bringing a stressed-out date to a room full of dogs is the most romantic gesture possible.

NEXT: Arizona reveals April’s secret[pagebreak]​

Meanwhile, Arizona learns that Ben is a natural when it comes to comforting moms-to-be, and after a rough day of tending to a woman pregnant with quadruplets (played by the delightful Casey Wilson), asks if he’ll be on her service for the foreseeable future. Does anyone else love it when Arizona makes new work-friends?

She also might lose a work-friend in this episode, though: April still hasn’t told Jackson about her pregnancy, and Arizona and Karev are insistent that she tell the baby daddy before he finds out from someone else. April’s resistant because she wants to continue living in the pregnancy glow, but Karev attempts to convince her to tell Jackson. Arizona goes a different route. Soon after Karev’s talk, April seemingly decides to tell Jackson… but when she finds him, he’s talking to Arizona. Because Arizona is telling him. Even though that is the complete wrong thing to do, no matter how strongly she feels he should know. April is your friend, girl! That means respecting her (arguably flawed) decision to not tell him despite disagreeing with her about it.

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That sucks for April and Arizona and Jackson, but it was a great moment for the show. Another great moment for the show comes when Meredith debates texting the hot doctor from last week, Thorpe, as she sits outside the hospital. As she stares at her phone screen, a voice interrupts — and it’s Thorpe’s. He’s there because she won’t return his texts and calls, and if he’s going to get turned down, that’s going to happen in person. That is fairly creepy and would be a bit terrifying if he weren’t so damn attractive, but he is, so it’s okay and even charming. And it seems to work: We don’t hear Meredith’s answer, though we do see a smile on her face. If we’re lucky, Meredith’s romantic life is back in the picture by next week’s episode.