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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Don't Let's Start'

Derek and Meredith invite her “family” to dinner, and April’s mother stops in for a visit.

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Greys Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy‘s title can be confusing, because this really isn’t a show about Meredith Grey. Okay, so it is a show about Meredith Grey, but rather it’s not only about Meredith Grey. It’s also about Alex and Bailey and Derek and the patients who enter Grey Sloan Memorial, etc. They’re all part of Mer’s world, and yet, each of them serves a purpose in crafting this show. With that in mind, a really solid hour of Grey’s involves all of those elements.

This week, there were many elements being juggled, which made for a fine hour, though it wasn’t anything particularly special for the show that has proven before that it knows how to handle its ensemble. By separating everyone out somewhat distinctly, the episode didn’t flow as well as it could have. But like I said, it was perfectly fine.

We start off with Mer’s voice-over talking about how trauma is messy and chaotic while April tries to take charge of a very busy ER. But when a young woman comes in as the victim of a car jacking, all attention goes to her. She’s introduced to us as Melissa, but that’s all we seem to know when they’re forced to open her up in what might be the biggest blood explosion ever on the show.

By the time they get her into surgery, it’s clear that she’s a veteran from one of her tattoos, but it isn’t until she wakes up that Jo, Callie, and Hunt get her full story. It turns out that the reason she was so attached to her car was that she was sleeping in it. It was her home, and therefore, contained her entire life. So now that she’s found out that it was sold to a chop shop, she’s literally got nothing left. It’s a story that resonates on a veteran level with Hunt and on a homeless level with Jo.

After Melissa refuses to stay at a place for veterans of the war—she doesn’t think her time spent fixing computers in Iraq warrants it—Hunt pulls rank on the patient and finally convinces her to get some help so that she can help herself. As for Jo? Well, she freaks out when she realizes that she doesn’t have a bed or a home of her own. She just stays at Alex’s, so what would happen if they were to break up? Would she be homeless? However, Alex doesn’t let her freak out for long before he assures her that he’s not going anywhere… except for home with her.

As for April, after she gets away from Melissa’s case, she runs into her smoking hot husband who informs her that he’s picked her mother up from the airport and brought her to the hospital to say hello. And in Kepner world, saying hello involves sort of hitting on Jackson before showing off the zoo decals she brought to decorate the baby’s nursery. But when April tells her mom she can’t spend the day doing baby things—you know, she has to save lives and whatever—Jackson offers to go in her place. Apparently being on the board has really freed Jackson up. Either that, or he’s really freaking out about becoming a dad.

Actually, it seems like it’s a bit of both. By the time April makes it home at the end of the day, April’s mom and Jackson are busy putting together the baby’s nursery, complete with the Kepner crib that has survived four generations and desperately needs a paint job. But when April’s mother offers to make dinner, Dr. Mom has had enough. She yells at her mother about how she doesn’t want her help, something she almost immediately regrets when she finds out that Jackson was the one who reached out to her mom for help. Turns out he’s really freaking out because, unlike the Kepner’s, his family is all about pretty blue eyes and even prettier careers. The poor man doesn’t know a thing about babies, and he’s desperately trying to do his homework.

With that, April finds her mother outside the hospital, awaiting an apology. April obliges, but only after her mother tells her how very proud she is of what she’s doing and the life she’s living. (No doubt her super hot hubby has something to do with that.) And yes, April can call her mother with all her baby questions. From there, April heads home to find Jackson reading in the new rocker he built… twice. She assures him that he’s going to be a great father, and the two of them are all cute and stuff.

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