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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'One Flight Down'

A plane crash causes bad memories to resurface.

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Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Webber’s driving to work, wearing an especially snazzy purple sweater and looking relatively happy, when, bam. An airplane zooms quite close overhead, and then, apparently, crashes. Most importantly though: No, Derek isn’t on it. You didn’t think Grey’s would put him through two plane crashes, did you? (Just kidding—they totally would. This is the show that chopped off a guy’s penis not once but twice just last week, after all.)

In fact, we never find out where Derek is (unless you stayed to catch the preview for next week’s episode). Instead, Meredith spends the entire episode worrying—who wouldn’t?—and looking back on happier times with him. All of her Derek-centric flashbacks focus on the morning he left when they lazed about in bed talking about having more children and how in love they are and how much they missed each other and all that sappy stuff. It’s sweet, sure, and a definite relief to realize that their Dark Period is (hopefully) over, but also so, so, so manipulative. We get it. Derek disappeared right when things were finally going right. We’re supposed to feel sad about that.

And, okay, I do feel sad about it. These two have been through so much that I wouldn’t object if they just coasted the rest of their lives, never encountering any other huge struggles or tragedies. But this is Grey’s, and no one coasts on Grey’s. So we’re left worrying along with Meredith where her husband could be.

On top of all this, Mer’s also having flashbacks to the plane crash. Victims from the present crash start pouring into the ER, and she has trouble facing the reality of the situation. She eventually finds Arizona hiding in the supply closet, also struggling. “We’re okay,” Meredith keeps repeating. “We’re okay.” For once.

Karev—who was supposed to be on that plane—feels bad, so he tries his best to be there for his PTSD-stricken pals. They aren’t really having it though, and eventually Arizona blows up at him for “hovering” and “creeping.” She later feels bad for snapping and apologizes, which gives Karev the chance to drop a major truth bomb: Callie didn’t cut off Arizona’s leg. He did.

So those two seasons of Arizona holding a grudge against Callie for sawing off her leg? Pointless. (It was also pointless to hold a grudge in the first place because, hello, Callie saved her life—but that’s a rant for another time.) She confronts Callie about this and discovers that Callie never wanted her to find this out. “No matter what, it was still me making the call,” Callie says. “I didn’t want you to hate Alex, too. I wanted you to have somebody.”

First of all, Callie’s a saint for putting up with Arizona’s occasionally way-too-harsh resentment for all that time—but we already knew that. Second of all, I wonder if things would have turned out differently for them had Arizona known this all along. They always had their problems, but this was the main one, the one Arizona blamed everything on. Then again, Callie has a point: She was the one who made the call even if someone else physically cut off the leg. Arizona was likely always going to blame her no matter what.

NEXT: Owen’s feeling guilty.