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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'Crazy Love'

Where in the world is Derek Shepherd?

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Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Like last week, Meredith kicks off the episode feeling on top of the world. She’s having lots of sex with her husband! He’s moving back to Seattle! Things are great! And just like last week’s episode, it doesn’t last.

But let’s savor that opening for a moment. Meredith recites her monologue over a montage of Mer-Der hook-ups past. They get it on in the shower, in the bed, in the hospital—basically, everywhere. This dreamy, dreamy montage reminds us of their chemistry, which has been missing from the show for too long. And the following clip, featuring Meredith saying, “I have work to do at work, I can’t do you too” when Derek suggests they have sex at the hospital, proves they’re still going strong. But no matter how aww-worthy this scene is, it’s also too good to be true.

There were points in the beginning when I thought this was all a dream sequence, but then Amelia pops in and (kind of) kills the magical mood. She was expecting to have the house to herself, so is surprised to see Mer and Derek in the kitchen—and they’re surprised when Owen walks in behind her. Busted.

They have an awkward interaction—Derek asks if anyone wants breakfast—before Amelia and Owen head out, leaving Meredith and Derek a few minutes to say goodbye. He’s going to the White House to resign, and he leaves on a weirdly sentimental, dramatic note: “Wait for me,” he smiles. “I’ll be back before you know it.” In Grey’s-speak: Something bad is about to happen. Probably very bad.

But hopefully not as bad as what happened to the chef who comes into the hospital without a penis because his wife cut it off. His sous chef/mistress brings him (and the penis, of course) in, and April decides to call in Catherine Avery to help put him back together. Webber’s not happy at first—if you’ll remember, their relationship ended on bad terms—and they exchange some banter about manhood before Webber tells her how he really feels. 

Webber yells twice in this episode, once at April for calling Catherine in, and once at Catherine. Both times come off as more cartoonish than anything, which is partly because we haven’t seen Webber do anything remotely serious in quite some time. Sure, he’s been doling out advice as the hospital’s resident dad, but beyond that, he hasn’t really had an opportunity lately to show any range of emotions. No matter how funny he might look when he’s trying to be forceful though, Webber gets his point across to Catherine: He loves her, and he’s not going anywhere. They kiss, it’s cute, and hopefully this will be the end of the dramatic part of the Catherine and Webber saga.

Before they get their happily ever after though, Catherine and Edwards reattach the penis with success. Catherine even compliments Edwards during the surgery, causing her to briefly consider urology. Everything’s going well and it looks like his penis will regain most of its previous function—but then the sous chef sneaks into his room while no one’s looking… and cuts off his penis. Again. 

Edwards runs after the sous chef and eventually corners her in the bathroom. For a moment, it seems like the sous chef is going to flush the penis—she’s angry, she’s upset, she’s got a lot of emotions going on. But Edwards somehow manages to empathize with her and eventually secures it. This poor penis (also: flashback to season 1, episode 2’s penis in a box).

NEXT: Amelia’s having a rough time.