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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'The Bed's Too Big Without You'

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Ron Tom/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez

April and Jackson are doomed (maybe).

From the beginning, religion has been a touchy subject in their relationship. To briefly recap: April’s all about God; Jackson’s not. They’ve managed to get through this, and for awhile, it seemed like things were going smoothly in that area—until this episode, when April’s mom comes to visit.

April’s mom on a normal day: delightful. April’s mom during a time of crisis: incredibly annoying. She comes to Seattle after hearing about the baby’s potential problems and shows up in the hospital as April and Jackson are sadly embracing, trying to figure out if they need to figure anything out. April’s mom suggests they get out of the hospital and go somewhere, something Jackson agrees with… until he finds out she wants to go to church, not to the ocean like he was envisioning. He’s visibly disappointed, realizing that, oh, right, his wife is really into church and he’s not. Poor Jackson just wants to hit the waves, man.

While April is praying and Jackson is moping, Meredith’s trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem: Her patient has a fast-growing tumor that’s already scarily huge. To make the need to fix her even more urgent, this woman and her husband insisted the Meredith swear on a copy of the The Odyssey that she’d try her best. Meredith later calls these two “weirdos,” which is kind of true, but they’re also pretty cute: They first met over a copy of The Odyssey when she was checking out at the bookstore where her now-husband worked. It’s their wedding ring, they say—something Meredith, who got married via a Post-it note, should understand.

Her solution is to build a copy of the tumor with the good ol’ 3-D printing machine and then use that to practice surgical tactics. She, Bailey, and Maggie are all super-excited about this revelation until they realize it’ll be 10 hours until the tumor is actually printed. So they wait.

Waiting gives them a chance to talk about loneliness, something Meredith’s getting some experience with now that Derek’s away in D.C. She jokes—or at least, I think she’s joking—about 3-D printing a copy of Derek for sleeping purposes; Bailey complains about Ben’s body heat; Maggie reveals she was almost engaged once but couldn’t stand sleeping in the same bed as him (or anyone, for that matter). Seeing them casually chat is a nice reminder that they don’t spend all the time shouting orders in a stressful O.R., that they have personal problems in addition to work problems. But then again, this is Grey’s, so we’re never in too much danger of thinking these people don’t have any personal problems.

Speaking of personal problems, a tech rep gets flirty in a meeting with Owen and Callie and Callie’s convinced she’s into Owen. So convinced that when they see her at the bar later, Callie goes up to this so-called “sexy tech rep” in an attempt to put in a good word for Owen. As it turns out, Sexy Tech Rep was actually flirting with Callie. Callie responds by being crazy awkward and ultimately rejecting Sexy Tech Rep because she’s “not ready.” And then she grabs her coat from Owen’s table and leaves without even saying goodbye. TV show characters not saying goodbye on phone calls is one thing; not saying goodbye in real life is straight-up rude—no matter how awkward of an encounter they just had with a potential hook-up.

NEXT: The wonders of a 3-D printer[pagebreak]

Back at the hospital, Owen and Callie eventually talk about what happened and how they’re not ready to move on just yet. Afterward, he heads to the vents he and Cristina used to frequent. His present-day moment is intercut with shots from him and Cristina in there together, reminding us that she’ll never be permanently gone from the show—and that he might never be over her.

By this time, the tumor’s printed and Meredith and co. are working on a plan of attack. After quite a bit of whiteboard planning, they go into surgery, and it works: The patient is saved. Meredith is shining like the sun—just what Cristina wanted—and she even gets a bed partner out of it: Later, we find out the 3D tumor is resting on the pillow next to Meredith’s. Maybe by this time next week, 3-D Derek will be ready!

Things aren’t as happy for April and Jackson. Her mom told her she shouldn’t even find out what the tests say, that it doesn’t matter what they say. They’ll have and love the baby either way. This is different than what Jackson was considering an option, which was that they’d terminate the pregnancy if it turned out the baby had the bone-breaking disease, so he retaliates. He and Mama Kepner end up getting in a screaming match about choice and God and all that good stuff while April is aggressively (and silently) chopping carrots for dinner, which seems more and more dangerous by the second.

Luckily, no fingers are severed, but April does break down. She’s tired of the fighting, the yelling, and she’s terrified and alone. Although by episode’s end, she and Jackson are (seemingly) doing better as they sit together holding hands while they wait to hear the test results. Turns out Mama Kepner wasn’t so convincing after all.

But the results aren’t good. Nothing’s explicitly revealed in the episode, but it’s obvious the news isn’t good. Jackson spent much of the episode trying to talk April into thinking of what to do if the baby’s sick, but April didn’t want to. Instead, her perspective mirrored her mom’s: They would have the baby no matter what, just as God intended. We already know Jackson doesn’t believe in God, and now we know he doesn’t entirely support having the baby if it’s going to die soon after birth—so now April and Jackson are not only going to have to have more talks about faith, but about choosing life or death for their unborn child, too. Fun times ahead!


  • Karev and Jo are always having sex. Really, how are they always in bed? Don’t they have babies to save?
  • Weber’s moment with Amelia is sweet: She’s feeling insecure about her grand ambitions to cure Herman, but Weber comforts her by saying “no one understands” her ideas because they are so intricate, not because they’re faulty.
  • Meredith video-chats Maggie at the end of the episode, which gives me hope that they are on their way to having a strong relationship—maybe even one like Mere’s with Cristina. It could work: Maggie is similar to Cristina in a lot of ways, and Meredith is feeling extra-alone now that Cristina and Derek are gone. But then again, she does have that 3-D-printed tumor now…