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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Take It Back'

The aftermath of April’s wedding is revealed, just as the hospital finds it has an issue separating the personal from the professional

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Greys Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy

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Welcome back, Grey’s fans! I will be taking over recapping duties for the rest of the season, but let me assure you that I have been a Grey’s Anatomy fan from the start. I mean, I remember being incredibly bummed when The O.C. and Grey’s came on at the same time, because then I had to record one on VHS. Like I said, from the start. So shall we talk about what just happened?

For starters, I felt like this episode was a lot to take in. It was very jumpy, and I couldn’t keep track of which story I was following when. Everything was very segregated. That being said, Jackson and April have become my favorite part of this show, which I never thought I’d say. And Meredith? One of my least favorites. Let’s get to it!

So, WHICH HOTTIE DID APRIL CHOOSE?! Well, the episode didn’t waste any time getting to that reveal. We opened on the barn, and when the doors opened, she came running out … with Jackson! I was so incredibly happy with this choice. I was not ready for more will-they-won’t-they stuff when it came to these two. Of course, this is April we’re talking about, so she started to panic as soon as they got to the car. Luckily, Jackson’s a helluva kisser, because he calmed her back down real fast.

And because relationship drama was the name of the game, we then switched to Meredith and Derek. Derek told her about the President calling him — totally NBD — and when she realized it meant he’d have to work more, a.k.a. go back on his promise to her, she was pissed. The only person not going through some sort of emotional trauma at the moment seemed to be Cristina, who declared herself an official fan of April.

But you know who wasn’t a fan of Cristina’s? Alex, who was talking to Owen about getting Shane fired/arrested for what he did to his father. Alex partially blamed Cristina for making Shane think he ran the place. Oh, and then Alex told Owen that Cristina was sleeping with Shane, so that should end well.

On to our next-to-last dramatic confrontation (yes, there’s more!), Arizona was yelling at Callie. She said she was not the same person she used to be and she did not want to be fixed. “It’s not working and you know it!” Arizona yelled at her wife. Meanwhile, Callie looked about as surprised as I felt. Although, I’m pretty sure there was more annoyance on my face. Again, Arizona? I could never be married to that woman.

And while we’re on the topic of angry wives, across town, Bailey was yelling at Ben for quitting his residency. Thankfully though, Ben was strong enough to yell back. He informed her that he did not quit surgery because he wanted to. It was quite the opposite, actually. He loved surgery. And he was a “damn star” in his program. But he quit to be with her. So no, Bailey, he did not want to leave the program. Therefore, this is nothing like her first marriage. Yeah, that shut her up.

And just in case you didn’t get enough whiplash from the first seven minutes, April suffered her second freakout on the drive away from the church. She asked Jackson if there was a plan, and then proceeded to get out of the car and walk away.

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