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Grey's Anatomy recap: Man-to-Man

Later, ladies! Seattle Grace is a man’s world in this week’s bro-centric episode

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Grey Anatomy Men
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Earlier this year, Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes promised an all-boys episode was in the works. And she, along with her leading men, delivered with last night’s “What Is It About Men.” Derek, Owen, Alex, and the other male cast members took center stage as we got a glimpse into Seattle Grace from an all-male perspective. Even Dr. Bailey’s ex, Ben, was back in the picture. The episode came complete with male voiceovers, usually supplied by Meredith, and a noticeable absence of the regular females. They were there, but only in brief. Essentially, this meant lots of male bonding, construction work, and penis jokes. (Now we know who Dr. Mayfield is….)

The go-to traumatic event this week was a human stampede at a Comic-Con-esque convention. The ER was suddenly filled with the traditional comic convention frequenters — a storm trooper, a zombie nurse, and a hobbit, natch. But the two main victims of the stampede (also men) suffered varying injuries. The hobbit (whose name I didn’t catch, so he will henceforth be referred to as “the hobbit”) only broke a few toes, but stayed around at the hospital because he had a crush on Kepner. He later suffered much more serious injuries when a drunk, belligerent patient beat him up.┬áThe other patient, Keith, lost an ear and damaged his spine, all in the quest for a Dr. Who TARDIS, which his friend eventually sold. (I’ll stop you now to let you know you did indeed watch Grey’s Anatomy and not another Thursday night show on CBS.) But thanks to the skills of the male doctors, he survived. So without further ado, let’s chat about the men who made this all-men episode possible.

NEXT: Let’s all take up construction!