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Grey's Anatomy recap: Celebrate Good Times? Come On!

Everyone tries to put on a happy face for romance. And it almost works.

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In the spirit of the party that kicked off this episode of Grey’s Anatomy — and in light of the fact that we have a kinda-downer, shooter-in-the-hospital finale on the way next week — we will spend this week celebrating all that was wonderful about this installment of our favorite hospital drama:

Miranda and Cute Anesthesiologist Ben

Okay, so, this storyline would have been worth the price of admission just for the bit where he stripped down while seducing her by that amazing fireplace, right? Good lord, boxer briefs are wonderful. Even better? The bit where Bailey got into the elevator with Derek and Mark, singing under her breath, then Ben got in singing the same song under his breath. ”Go Bailey,” Mark concluded. ”Indeed,” Derek responded. Indeed.

She started to have her doubts, however, when she saw Ben flirting with a coworker. God, it really is hard out there, isn’t it, Bailey? What I’m loving about this storyline is her total vulnerability. It’s all there, on Chandra Wilson’s face, how raw the woman we once called ”the Nazi” is in her post-divorce life. ”She was excited, she was hopeful, she was eager,” Miranda said, ostensibly describing the state of mind of the patient who was there for a hair graft after a car accident left half her face burned off, but also teeming with metaphorical resonance. ”She has the right to have feelings.” Then, however, after a little Bailey-tell-off, Ben explained that she’d simply witnessed some basic professional flirting, and that he’d save the ”good flirting” for her. Then there was some hand-holding in the elevator. All was well.

The possible conclusion of the Mark-Teddy affair

Here is what I must recognize Grey’s for: Having the guts to introduce couples we might not always like, and then letting them run their course anyway. Life is not for only wonderful couples. If it were, we’d all be in them all the time. Mark’s bedding of that one former Mercy West girl with the short hair — and Teddy’s walking in on it — served as the appropriate conclusion to Mark’s attempt to be with an ”appropriate” woman. Teddy’s nonchalant attitude toward the whole thing — more indignant about his proposal of a threesome than about his straying — even moreso.

Incidentally, am I the only one who — despite his later, touching declaration of love to Lexie — still feels a slight pull toward him and Callie hooking up again? I only felt it once this episode, in his: ”You wanna go back to my place and do it in the shower? Teddy’s in surgery right now.” But it lingers nonetheless.

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