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Grey's Anatomy recap: Bundles of Joy

Everyone has babies on the brain at Seattle Grace

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Sometimes people want to have babies, and sometimes people don’t, and when you’re in your 30s, it’s really good if you’re sleeping with a person who wants or doesn’t want the same thing you do, baby-wise. That is what we learned from tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy. (And also what one learns from most conversations about relationships with people in their 30s, but that is another story. Or rather it’s a reflection of how relatable Grey’s can be sometimes. So good job, Seattle Gracers, on that score.)

We started with Derek telling Meredith she was pretty, which means only one thing in this episode: totally wants to procreate with her. That fact feels momentous only if you look back and remember all the dramz with the commitment and the fact that he used to be married to Addison and the dropping of the panties in the exam rooms during hospital proms and whatnot. Now, with real-life Mer Ellen Pompeo having been on maternity leave recently, it feels kind-of ”eh.” But good for them. Always a sign of progress when the friends who used to have all the dramz are now cute and happy and talking about kids.

Speaking of maternity leave and dramz, we learned that Izzie wants a divorce from Alex, which is convenient since Katherine Heigl isn’t coming back and also since we’re totally fine with that. Funny how it felt like a bigger deal at this point to learn that Alex had a brother, Aaron, and that he hadn’t been home in seven years. Aaron was the token Family Member with a Medical Problem of the night, and he had a weird belly-button thing that made me think of ABC Family’s Kyle XY, about the kid without the belly button. They’re really reaching for medical problems at this point, but gotta love the long, lost family member.

Then we were back to babies — lots of baby talk in this one, or implied baby talk, if anything. Arizona was going on about pound cake to avoid talking about having children with Callie. ”We are talking about pound cake because I want a kid and she doesn’t,” Callie said to Mark. Mark described his recent sexual exploits with Teddy thusly: ”I pounded her cake, she pounded mine.” With the hesitation I’m still sensing from Teddy about this relationship, how much longer before Mark and Callie just have a kid together already? Just saying.

In a continuation of our rather uterine theme of the night, it turned out Aaron had an umbilical hernia. (And in continuation of our national political discourse, he didn’t have insurance, which meant he needed help out of the kindness of Seattle Grace’s heart.) We also learned, through the patient confessional babbling typical of anyone who checks into Seattle Grace, that Aaron and Alex were foster kids, and that Alex had been in juvie. Furthermore, a female cop came in, having taken down three guys and sustained bullet wounds — and also somehow having possibly lost her job for it as well as her ability to have kids. Her husband wanted her to quit her dangerous job, because it is dangerous and he wanted kids, because Grey’s Anatomy is a post-feminist vision if it is anything.

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