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Grey's Anatomy recap: Wax On

The season continues in fine form with blossoming relationships, hamstrung ones, and one great example of girlfriend oversharing

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Grey’s Anatomy is officially on a roll, kids. Everything good about last week’s episode seemed to be doubled and tripled in this week’s. And both hours proved that Grey’s can be great even without its trademark dark-and-twisty drama — provided it has the snappy wit, the sex appeal, and, more than anything, the focus on its complicated, likable, relatable doctors. The patients should just be a means to an end — that end being to let our beloved characters shine. Here’s everything that was great about tonight’s just-plain-fun hour of television:

1. Shirtless Mark

Always a harbinger of good things when this is our first shot of the show.

2. Rivalry

Let’s hear it for the former-Chief’s great fall back to mere mortal surgeon. He’s been shaking things up nicely since his return last week from rehab, and his play for Owen’s patient with the ”tumor the size of a football” that was wrapped around her organs was inspired. He started with a pity-speech about how he was getting old so ”there may not be so many big tumors left for me.” Owen was ready to hand her over before Cristina enlightened him as to Richard’s tactics. Then Owen called Richard’s approach ”old-school,” and it was on. ”Let’s not make this personal,” Owen said. ”You just did, Ginger,” Richard said. For weak, plot-generating purposes, Meredith was to work with Owen and Cristina was to work with Richard, then the two teams would present their plans to Derek, who would decide who got to do the surgery. I don’t care that they were weak and plot-generating reasons, though. It was fun. End of story.

The idea was supposed to be that Cristina would spy on Richard for Owen, which I did not buy as something she’d do. I guess maybe she was trying to be more on his side since she’s spent so much of this season out for herself? At any rate, Richard had her number and called her on her scheming — then upped the ante by promising to allowing her to perform part of the fancy procedure herself. Soon, she was flipped. And Owen was onto her. And then the friendly competition was really on. So glad to see this wasn’t about to be a dramatic, real Cristina-Owen fight, but just a little rivalry.

In the end, Derek went with Hunt’s more ”improvisational” approach instead of Richard’s in-through-the-chest idea. And though Richard was angry, he backed Owen’s plan when talking to the patient about it. Then, he even ended up helping to save the day when things when awry in the operating room. Richard won the ”no one’s ever tried that before!” award of the evening for suggesting they take out the liver instead of trying to work around it. They did it. Everyone was impressed with everyone. Yay, team.

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