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Grey's Anatomy recap: Moving Forward

Cristina and Owen are finding a comfort zone with Teddy, while Avery and Meredith find common ground and Derek acts Chiefly

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Greys Anatomy
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What a happy funtime Grey’s Anatomy episode! People got recycled lungs from daredevil motorcyclists in whom we were never allowed to emotionally invest so we didn’t care that they died, pretty doctors reconciled with their grandfathers, and lots of sex was had. A good time for all, no Grey’sian angst at all — we can all use a break every once in a while. Clearly Lecture Day had a positive effect on Seattle Grace. And, oh, the lines! We’ll walk through some of the best tonight, with the plotlines that backed them up.

”Your heart lives in your vagina.” — Meredith, to Lexie

I felt like I got my money’s worth tonight with just this line. Lexie protested otherwise, saying she didn’t care a bit about Alex beyond the sex. Anything could happen, of course, but I believe her. I believe Blond Lexie is a changed woman. Sometimes when you leave serious love behind, you can’t sign right back up to get your heart pummeled, but that doesn’t stop a sex drive, folks.

”You’re going to be friends with me.” — Arizona to Teddy

Not a stellar line on its own, but I enjoyed the Arizona fast-talking Teddy into being her friend now, clearly just so we can move forward with her character beyond just moping around in the vicinity of Owen. So even though Cristina gave Owen permission to be friends with her, luckily she now gets her own set of friends. Plus there was to be a ”girls night,” which would also include Bailey and Callie. Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be a shopping-for-shoes, getting mani-pedis, and drinking Cosmos affair.

”Because you slept with my girlfriend and when I look at you I want to hit you with a brick.” — Arizona to Alex

Yep, she picked up on that vibe between Callie and Alex last episode. No more pediatric surgeries for Alex right now. That meant he missed out on her lung transplant patient, whose own lungs had been damaged beyond repair by radiation treatment. Lexie got in on it instead, and suggested the oh-my-god-that’s-so-risky procedure of the week, one in which damaged donor lungs are repaired outside the body and then transplanted into the patient. Naturally, it had only ever been done in Switzerland and Canada. Naturally, we were about to see it happen in Seattle, somehow, some way. Cristina, who was also in on the surgery, was going to make sure of it.

”Screwing drug reps is not going to make you feel better.” — Derek to Mark

Mark was back to his old ways post-Lexie, and out for particular revenge since she hooked up with Alex.

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