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Grey's Anatomy recap: Time to Grow Up

Sloan really becomes a parent when his grandson is in danger, and Cristina has to make a choice

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Greys Anatomy
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Feels so long since the last Grey’s Anatomy sped us through all the holidays, doesn’t it? (For the record, it really has been kinda long. Two months.) And, naturally, as a New Year’s gift, the Grey’s gods tricked us into watching Private Practice, too. I mean, they gifted us with not one, but two, hours of fine television. Optimism for 2010.

And while the return of our favorite oversexed surgeons was wobbly, it had its moments — and was characteristically chock full of quotable moments:

”That is not how you bond with children.” — Addison, upon hearing that Mark connected with his newly discovered pregnant teen daughter by telling her they’d slept together

Conveniently enough, Sloan’s daughter’s baby had amniotic bands wrapped around his legs in utero, and naturally the only person who could fix this was Addison Montgomery of Private Practice. So she flew up from L.A. to help. And to suddenly be reminded of her affair with Mark, which hasn’t come up in any significant way in seasons.

”Let me scrub in and I will take you out for drinks afterwards… and, you know.” — Reed to Alex, with suggestive, pleading, flirty big brown eyes

This became debated and dissected as if she were on trial, though I’m not sure I cared as much as the Seattle Gracers did. It did make onetime party girl Meredith seem really mature and judgy (which I kinda like) that she was rolling her eyes upon overhearing this and later castigating them both for it. Part of this was just to remind us that Izzie’s still buzzing around somewhere in the Grey’s universe and reserving Katherine Heigl’s right to return after maternity leave. But it also brought the message of maturity home. Alex, however, dispatched Meredith’s disapproval with a swift verbal kick: ”You gonna look me in the eye and tell me Derek never threw a craniotomy your way after the two of you spent an hour in the on-call room? Please.” And … the old Alex was back. In a sort-of anticlimactic resolution to all of this, he later told Reed, ”I don’t trade surgery for sex. If you want sex, ask for it.” Charlie (the other newbie, who has a crush on her) scoffed at her, thinking there was still something going on between her and Alex, and she scoffed back, and I didn’t care much. Has importing these Mercy Westers really been worth it in the long run? And where was Dr. Hotness Monster this week, anyway? Remember when he had a crush on Cristina for like five minutes that threatened to derail her relationship with Owen? Where’d that go?

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