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Grey's Anatomy recap: Family Affairs

As the docs go through the holidays, Bailey deals with her father, Sloan meets his daughter, and Owen makes a choice

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Greys Anatomy
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Last night’s was our last Grey’s Anatomy until 2010, and they packed it full of holiday goodies, didn’t they? Alcoholism, miracle surgeries, and lots of great Cristina-Owen love. Let us walk through the winter wonderland of hospital drama:


The Chief explained to Meredith that he’d once suffered from ”situational depression” and had ”diagnosed” himself with alcoholism back when he was entangled in an affair with her mother. ”She escalated my drinking, too,” Meredith quipped sympathetically. In a lovely paternal moment, he observed that she’s got the potential to be as great a surgeon as her mom was. ”Maybe you would like a mentor,” he said. ”Maybe I can teach you some things.” God knows she could use a Father Figure, so she happily accepted.

Cristina and Owen, meanwhile, gave me reason to be thankful for on-call-room sex with some hot and heavy action. (Oh, how I’ve missed you, on-call-room sex!) But then, of course, Teddy paged Cristina, throwing cold water on the whole operation. Then again, it was for good reason: Cristina’s new cardio goddess asked her to scrub in on an operation to remove a bad heart transplant — and, um, then put the girl on a machine that would pump her blood for her until a new heart was available. Worse, this turned out to be the really unfortunate end to what appeared to be a pretty darn good fourth date. Poor guy stuck around though.

We also met another patient, a kid with a cluster of blood vessels in his brain, and … look at that, Sloan’s super-hot, blond, 18-year-old, long-lost daughter. Apparently long-lost daughters can just walk right up to doctors while they’re examining patients, because there’s nothing better than giving a guy a life-changing shock while he’s poking at someone’s burned flesh. (Is this another budget-cut thing? No security? No privacy curtains? 2009 is rough.) Callie quickly offered to administer a paternity test. (Advantage to finding out someone claims to be your daughter while in a hospital: Easy access to supplies.) It was positive, and he was stuck with her — and thus facing his own mortality. ”It’s like death has come to call,” he told Derek. P.S. Her first name is Sloan! Get it? But I can’t call her that here without confusing everything. Darn TV writers never think of how their decisions will affect the recappers!

Anyway, yeah, so, that kid with the blood vessels in his brain. Derek couldn’t operate because it was buried too deep; he’d have to go through the sinus cavity, but his instruments weren’t small enough to do that on a kid. Things looked bleak all around.

As the residents dug into their Thanksgiving lunches in the cafeteria, mopey Alex suggested that instead of the traditional say-what-you’re-thankful-for, ”We should do the opposite and say everything we’re not grateful for.” (That is so 2009. I say we all do it this year.) Their list consisted mostly of the merger, the merger, and the merger. (I have to agree. Though I enjoyed that first episode introducing the Mercy Westers, I’m finding them a tad superfluous now. The way Teddy has been introduced — immediately hooking her deep into established characters’ lives — worked so much better. I think the only one we saw this whole episode was Dr. Hotness, and all he did was skulk around the very outskirts of some surgeries.)

When the time for the real Thanksgiving dinner — at Callie and Cristina’s place, our new favorite haunt — we learned that Sloan’s Daughter Sloan would be moving in with him and Lexie. The news caused Lexie to promptly chop off her own fingertip while slicing celery. Happy Thanksgiving, Lexie!

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