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Grey's Anatomy recap: Cristina’s Choice

The new surgeon makes families cry, Lexipedia gets it on with boy toy Sloan, and Izzie still won’t stop having fake sex with fake Denny. Has the show finally barreled off the rails?

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Greys Anatomy By Myself

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Hello, Grey’s Anatomy TV Watchers! Let’s put this right out there: I’m not Jennifer Armstrong. Your usual recapper is out of the office this week, so I’m filling in — digesting last night’s juicy hospital sudser, natch. You might know me from such illustrious TV Watches in the present and past for shows like Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, and Veronica Mars. Now, this is my first crack at Grey’s, so be nice, y’all.

Despite that plea for novice sensitivity, I’ve decided I’m going to start bold, and I hope you’re on the same page with me. It’s official: Grey’s Anatomy has gone off the deep end. Seriously. Well, maybe that happened a while back. But in terms of the Denny-Izzie heinousity we’re continuing to experience, it’s certainly the case. And I’m saying this as a person who’s got quite a bit of restraint. I have a high tolerance for pain — and awful storylines. (Hello, I suffer through the soon-to-be departed Lipstick Jungle and Dirty Sexy Money each week!) But this is just too much. Last night, there was a scene where Izzie found herself kissing, you know, her actual boyfriend Karev (what a novel concept — kissing a guy who’s real!) and the dead-but-magically-alive Denny gets in a bit of a jealous rage and yells, ”Enough!” Exactly! What he said — that’s all I could think. ”Enough” of this dragging, crazed-out reappearance of Denny.

The only thing that makes sense in this whole situation is George’s suspicion, even though no one is ready to listen to it yet. Sure, Izzie has always had a bit of fanciful and whimsical personality, but can’t even her closest friends — paging Cristina and Meredith! — see that she’s clearly losing it? First there’s the talking to herself, then there’s the sketching out all the time — oh yeah, and all that sex she’s having with no one. No one! Cristina should have rung the alarm when Izzie went to talk to her about the solo surgery and instead went into a creepy, maniacal rant about how she was having ”really, really, really good sex.” No, no, and no, Izzie, I can guarantee you you’re not having sex with anyone or anything. Not even Karev.

Naturally, Izzie’s spiraling into total wackiness happened just as Karev said ”I love you.” I repeat: Karev actually said ”I love you” to Izzie. Did you all honestly think we’d see the day that Karev would say those three words to Izzie? But, in all reality, this turn — Karev getting mushy and lovey-dovey — totally falls into line with the normal cycle of men on Grey’s Anatomy. Right? With Derek leading the way, the men on this show are in touch with their feelings more than any man I’ve ever encountered. It’s like all the water at Seattle Grace is spiked with estrogen.

In other news of previously introduced characters who were back on the show last night, the uber-awkward Dr. Dixon rolled back into the hospital, this time with Cristina as her liaison/chaperone/personal resident. The woman is clearly a more than capable doctor — and the chief is doing his best to woo her into a permanent position — but as a character on this show, I honestly don’t think she works. In every hard-hitting scene that she was involved in, she made things strained — whether it was shattering a devastated girl’s hope about her sister’s life or making a weird groaning noise in response to Cristina answering a question. I get it: She’s got Aspergers and has no filter. I guess maybe I’m just torn about how I’m supposed to feel about her character: Am I supposed to feel sympathetic? Uncomfortable? Mad? Everyone around her seems to be dealing with her as best they can, but they also seem to be constantly biting their tongue.

At least Meredith had the gumption to ask Dr. Dixon to leave after she so clearly upset that poor girl whose sister turned out to be brain dead. (Speaking of that storyline, how heartbreaking was it? I have a slew of siblings who I fought with all the time when I was younger. And unlike so many of those Grey’s weirdo special cases, this is something that seemed plausible. Maybe that’s why it struck so close to home.) In the end, I suppose Mary McDonnell is serving the purpose producers want her to in the fact that she’s eliciting responses from viewers like me and bringing a new dynamic to the show. Pretty sure it’s not a good one, though.

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