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Grey's Anatomy recap: A Fighting Chance

The new trauma doc comes in guns a-blazing and rubs some the wrong way, while Hahn and Callie continue to forge a real relationship

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Greys Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap: A fighting chance

I will say this: I can’t wait to hear what you all thought about tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy after the passionate message-board debating last week over Callie and Erica and George and Izzie. Because this was pretty much more of the same — plus pigs. Yes, we knew this episode would be special from the first second when the no-animals-were-harmed disclaimer flashed on the screen. But first: At the Meredith homestead, Derek was learning about Anatomy Jane, a budding little doctor’s version of a Barbie doll — with accurate little plastic organs that fit together inside — that Meredith used to take everywhere when she was a kid. And Alex was learning that the correct way to ask a lady if she’d like to be his girlfriend is not “I just wanna know if you’re gonna go off and screw O’Malley or some other loser. ‘Cause then I don’t have to cancel my plans with the chick from peds.” Put a guy line like that next to Hahn’s giddy, tearful morning-after speech to Callie, and, well, I’m once again thinking about taking up women. Though, of course, I understand that lesbians have problems just like the rest of us — and, in fact, that was pretty clear by the time Erica was declaring, “I’m extremely gay!” and Callie was looking as stricken and terrified as she did, well, last week when contemplating oral sex with her. And look how far she came. Oops, a joke. Sorry. Later at the hospital, Doctor Major Hunt returned from battle in Iraq to join the Seattle Grace staff. And once again, Grey’s proved stunningly adept at integrating new characters. (Or am I just mesmerized by his stubble and dimples?) It didn’t seem the least bit forced or intrusive, and better yet, he clearly brought a new dynamic with him. He sent Cristina running (hilariously) scared at the sight of him (remember, he laid a serious kiss on her before he left) and injected a much-needed quiet, muscular energy into our endearingly spazzy staff. You know a character’s good when one of his opening acts is to stab a bunch of pigs lying on operating tables — and then demand the interns and residents save them. But the big surgery of the day came in the form of a helicoptered-in 10-year-old with an “inoperable” tumor. Karev, once again showing his deft skill for breaking things down, asked, “How can you operate on an inoperable tumor?” No matter, Meredith got the assignment, thanks to Bailey’s mutual affection for Anatomy Jane. And the girl’s parents clearly meant business; they instantly demanded Hahn join her surgery team because they’d heard how good she was and wanted only the best. They even threatened to airlift the patient elsewhere (then offered the docs some homemade fudge). Seattle Grace, of course, had to oblige — now that it’s constantly chasing a higher ranking — so Bailey was forced to beg a very cranky Erica. When Bailey told her she had some ideas about how to possibly help the girl, Erica snapped, “Good for you. Try them on somebody who might actually live.” Though she eventually relented and agreed to the surgery, Erica had plenty to be cranky about — even more than she knew — since Callie was once again hopping onto an on-call cot with Sloan to “test a theory.” (Does anybody have any feelings on this little arrangement they’ve had going? Because it makes me squirm a little, and I’m pretty liberal on such things.)

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