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Grey's Anatomy recap: Out and About

Callie and Hahn go on a real date, Alex opens up (a little) to Izzie, and Derek and Meredith overcome an emotional stumbling block with minimal drama

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Greys Anatomy Dempsey

Grey's Anatomy

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap: Out and about

Here it was, the Grey’s Anatomy that I was missing last week! Tons of humor, tons of heart, only occasional surgeries, and not a leak in sight. In fact, I so enjoyed this episode that I shall recap it in the form of a love letter — no, even better, a love list. Herewith, the best things about Grey’s this week:

1. The naked $20-bill pass Izzie knocked on Derek and Meredith’s bedroom door, and a naked (but for a pillow) Derek answered. Izzie asked for cash to pay the pizza guy, complaining that Alex owed her $20 but was not speaking to her. Derek sent her into the bathroom, called Alex out and asked him for $20, and handed it to Izzie, all without putting on a stitch. Of course, this was way better visually. For so many reasons.

2. Cahn That’s Callie and Hahn, the couple. (Why does one get a first name and one get a last name? Because this is my love list, and I make the rules. And Callie is clearly Callie, and Hahn is clearly Hahn.) I’m starting to really warm up to Seattle Grace’s budding lesbians. I’ve complained in the past about this concept of magically going gay, but since these two are clearly headed in the direction of couplehood, I must admit that they’re doing a typically Grey’s job at it: nuanced, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant. How sweet was it that Hahn said she made a reservation for their date and picked out an outfit? Amazing how much easier her Callie-induced gooeyness makes it to take her supreme bitchiness on the job (like later when she told Meredith, “You lie about your experience again, the next heart you see will be your own when I cut it out with a steak knife”).

3. Meredith’s plod toward being a grown-up She whined about Derek stumbling upon her mom’s diary while rummaging for more closet space, wondering aloud why he was poking around in the house they now shared, and Cristina smacked her down fast: “I think because you invited him.” To Meredith’s credit, she seemed to take it to heart. Of course, in the meantime, Derek was forced to actually have a conversation about diaries with Sloan, which was almost as painful as that time they had to talk about romantic inns. But progress is progress.

4. The woman who said she wanted to divorce her husband for being boring, after she brought him in with a gash she caused by throwing the TV remote at him That’s all. Just loved her, and that. And, of course, the fact that she turned around by the end. Which we knew would happen, but it was still effective. Probably because we got to see the inside of his naked skull. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

5. The mere fact that the surgery-fearing heart-patient kid pulling the fire alarm did not force another disaster-evacuation type episode Again, that’s it.

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