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Grey's Anatomy recap: Til Death Do Us Part

Meredith and Derek’s wedding day is full of surprises as Izzie’s condition worsens

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Randy Holmes/ABC

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For various reasons having to do with ongoing online conjecture about Grey’s big penultimate-episode wedding and, more to the point, with the fact that when I turned my TV on to queue up said episode on my DVR Alex and Izzie were already saying their vows to each other, I spent the hour knowing where it was going. Yet I still spent a good portion of it crying, which means it was pretty damn good. (Creator Shonda Rhimes wrote it, so that’s no surprise.) It was so good, in fact, I didn’t even mind seeing Denny hallucinations yet again. Not much, anyway.

What I really never mind is more Cristina-Owen action, and we got some right off the bat with, you know, just a casual convo between coworkers at the hospital. So, hey, how’s it going, Owen? ”It was your ceiling fan above your bed, blades spinning, like blades of a chopper. The shrink said it was the trigger for me choking you.” Okay then. These two people simply do not have nonchalant interactions. And that is what’s so mesmerizing about them. Is it weird that I sort-of wish my relationships went this way? Not so much their issues, but the way they go for the jugular with every last word, act, touch. Extra props for that camera work, lingering on their hands next to each other on the railing but never touching.

For an extra injection of drama on what was supposed to be the Mer-Der wedding day, we got a semi plowing into an SUV full of eight college kids on the way to graduation. Of course, all I could think was: These two are working on their wedding day? That makes me feel pretty lame for calling in sick. But that’s just the way our dedicated Seattle Gracers are. In fact, Derek took it one step further, getting Meredith the best wedding gift ever: ”He got you a colon,” the Chief told Meredith. Yes, he got her a solo surgery. Very sweet.

Izzie got a rather unwelcome wedding-day surprise — those renewed Denny sightings, which meant a new tumor. She got an MRI, where he popped up all in black behind Bailey. (What happened to the fishing sweaters, I wonder. Are those just the ”warning, cancer ahead” wardrobe?) ”You can’t see him because you don’t have a tumor,” Izzie told Bailey, ”but he says hi.” Bailey had the answer I think we all share: ”Tell Denny Duquette I say go home.” Despite the Denny, the MRI came back clean — but Izzie didn’t believe she was still tumor-free.

Also working when she shouldn’t be was Callie, who was supposed to be off. But she did come in handy helping with the crash victims — while simultaneously being pestered by Mark about what he should say in his best man speech and by Arizona, who couldn’t figure out why their date the night before had gone so wrong. I appreciate both of those individuals’ dilemmas — I do — and Callie was acting weird. But is it possible for anyone to get any lifesaving done in this place without having to indulge in girl talk? Just saying. Even the patients seem to want to spill their guts, slumber-party-style, to their doctors. Does this really happen? I honestly don’t know, and I feel lucky about that, since it means I haven’t been to a hospital in a life-threatening situation. But the times I have gone in (I tend to get in minor to mid-level car accidents, so there have been more than a few), I have never suddenly told the medical personnel that I was, say, really confused about whether to follow my boyfriend to New York or what to do about my dead-end job. (It was a while back.) But at Seattle Grace, it’s all about combo psychotherapy and trauma care. The valedictorian told Alex she wished she’d had sex with the kid named David who’d just died, but she was so wrapped up in her school work that she didn’t think it was a good idea, and now it was too late….And then this other kid confided in Cristina that he had to go back to Argentina the next day and had tried to break up with his girlfriend, but they just kept getting back together even though they thought it was best to be apart….And oh look! Those two problems match up perfectly with the doctors who had to hear them. Alex shouldn’t let Izzie go before it was too late. Cristina couldn’t stay away from Owen even though she knew that was best. Funny how that works.

NEXT: Alex grows up


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