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Grey's Anatomy recap: Coming to Terms With Things

As Bailey helped a dying child and her father, Izzie accepted the limitations of her treatment and Callie straightened things out with her father

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Greys Anatomy
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Now this is the way to do bridal planning. I’m something of a wedding-plot connoisseur, having once planned (but not executed) my own nuptials — and by connoisseur, I actually mean ”person with a low tolerance for.” Mix in a little cancer, though, and one very unfrilly bride, and things get interesting.

I was confused when I first saw Izzie reading Bride & Groom magazine (leave it to the post-feminists at Grey’s to choose the one equal-opportunity wedding mag — yes, it does exist). Actually, I thought: Have I forgotten some key scene wherein Alex and Izzie decided to get married? It has been nearly a month since the last new episode, so it was possible. And quite frankly, I won’t be surprised if they do tie the knot by season’s end — I just didn’t think that had already been determined onscreen. At any rate, I was right — it hadn’t. Turned out Meredith had asked Izzie to help with wedding planning to distract from… hmm, what was it again? Oh, right, the fact that she has possibly terminal brain cancer. Well, Derek got that stuff out of her brain, but there’s still a ways to go. Meredith wanted something simple, dress-wise, somewhere between ”naked” and pretty-pretty princess bride; she wanted a low-key reception.

Izzie, of course — she of the ”prom” dress worthy of a wedding the night Denny died — had other plans. She was pacing around her gown-crammed hospital room while barking on her Bluetooth to florists. When the Chief showed up to check on her, she happily chirped, ”Blood, pee, what can I get you?” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: LOVE Cancer Izzie.

I’ve always loved Callie, but I loved her even more once her dad (Hector Elizondo!) arrived for a visit. The (near-constant) family cameos are always a good time on Grey’s, and even moreso when the first thing said family member does is throttle George against a wall (for dumping Callie) followed by Mark (for sleeping with her). She tried to placate him by saying she was happily dating someone new. ”I’d love to meet this new gentleman suitor,” he said, clearly not knowing how fraught his specificity was. Callie hemmed and hawed in gender-nonspecific terms at first: ”They’re pretty busy because they’re a doctor here.” But Arizona was nearby, so, thank goodness, Callie just went straight for the intro. (I was starting to dread a drawn-out comedy of errors in which the two are repeatedly almost caught smooching by Dad or somesuch.) Suffice to say it went over exactly as well as Callie had feared. Maybe even a little less.

Tension permeated the poorly planned surgery teams as well: Alex and George were hating each other (guys who slept with same woman = not a good combo) while working together on a dude who apparently threw himself in front of a car, injuring himself and the driver. And Mark and Derek (guys who slept with the same woman and recently pummeled each other = really not a good combo) were sniping at each other while tending to the unlucky motorist.

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