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Grey's Anatomy recap: Love and Acceptance

As a patient learns the importance of having a support system, so does Izzie when Cristina goes against her wishes to be a true friend

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Craig Sjodin/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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A tearjerker for the second week in a row! The Grey’s Anatomy gods are rewarding us for our time spent in Denny purgatory: There were deep thoughts, poignant moments, Big Emmy Reel Moments With Patrick Dempsey, interns with drama, tons of comedy, and even multiple T.R. Knight sightings. But most of all, there were lines. Great, great lines (thank you, writer Zoanne Clack!). Here, the story of our Seattle Gracers through some of their own wonderful words — and what they all meant:

”That’s why we dubbed him ‘blowhole.”’ — Alex

A guy with no nose and no lips who was hit by a drunk driver 12 years ago came in for, you know, just a little routine face transplant. (You may recall from news coverage that this is a really big deal and unlikely to be happy at our friendly neighborhood No. 12 hospital — and with little media fanfare. But okay. We’ll go with it.) Kudos to the makeup staff at Grey’s on this one: He was genuinely hard to look at. There was no getting around that uncomfortable fact, and that made the story line all the more compelling, especially when his support group — all of whom he’d met on the Internet, but never in person — showed up earlier than scheduled and he refused to let them see his wrecked face. (Also difficult to watch: The procedure where they removed the dead guy’s face. Eek.) And is it just me, or was Izzie totally justified when she laid into those interns for making a ”blowhole” joke in the guy’s presence? Sloan took her to task for letting her ”emotional life” get the better of her, but put me down for Team Izzie on that one.

”Are they supposed to look like that?….They’re supposed to be doctors?” — patient, referring to the bruised, bloodied, crying interns

Meredith and George (yes, George was an agent in this scenario! he did things! sort-of!) faced something worse than the Suckiest Interns in History: the Suckiest Interns in History under the duress of some kind of interpersonal drama. One guy had a black eye; one had a bloodied hand; and the girl with the glasses kept crying. Mer and George decided to stay out of their charges’ business. That is, until….

”Do you think for a second that I wanted to get involved in your little intern dramas?….Getting married in Vegas, shacking up with attendings, and cutting LVAD wires? You don’t have to like it, but you have to manage it.” — Bailey, advising Meredith and George

And manage it they did. Well, okay, mostly Meredith did, because we don’t want George overexerting himself or anything. She lectured Mr. Bloody Hand (who also now had a bit of a nose bleed) and Ms. Crying Jag to stay away from each other: ”So much as a tear or a glance in each other’s direction and it’s over.”

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