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Grey's Anatomy recap: Gods and Monsters

Derek crosses a line trying to right a wrong, Cristina takes on an older doc whose time has passed, and Izzie finally finds out what’s wrong with her

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Greys Mistake
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This Grey’s Anatomy episode proved one thing: Good guest stars are a good thing. (Parade of endless mediocre/bad guest stars, giving the impression that writers are throwing every midlevel star in Hollywood up against a surgery room wall to see what sticks? Not good.) Faye Dunaway rocked it. (And note to Hilary Duff: Her face looks phenomenal — aged, but beautiful — for a lady of her years.) Jessica Capshaw’s starting to gel, thanks to Callie’s romantic interest in her. And Kate Walsh, well, nothing will ever convince me she doesn’t belong at Seattle Grace. I actively squirmed seeing her back in Private Practice land after Grey’s. ”Admit it,” Alex teased Meredith about Addison. ”Her being around your guy bugs.”

”Okay,” Meredith answered. ”It bugs a little.” No! No, it doesn’t! Don’t send her back! I know, I know, she has to go. But I honestly hope they don’t bring her back to Grey’s again anytime soon — it’s just too painful a tease. As for Ms. Dunaway….When Cristina started crabbing about how some old lady surgeon named Dr. Campbell had botched a guy’s surgery, I thought, Oh, God, no, not another new random doctor. Funny how everything changed when it turned out to be Faye. She made me care. She commanded her story line. She blended seamlessly, going toe to toe with — and, in fact, being one of the few people who could quite possibly even bury — Sandra Oh (who called her ”ye olde timey,” among other things). This is how, and when, you bring in a guest star. Tyne Daly. Faye Dunaway. They are worth every extra second of my attention span.

Our mainstays shone more than they have recently, too, and I credit the tight story lines and integrated guest spots. (That, and Bailey’s new curly hair — love!) I wasn’t so annoyed that Capshaw’s Arizona blew into her first scene of the night on rollershoes…because now I get why I should care about her anyway. (Poor Callie, getting shot down when she asked her out because she was still a ”newborn” when it came to being a lesbian. Even if it was a fair call.) I even cared briefly about that would-be cancer patient who came back to tell Izzie that — whoops! — she didn’t actually have anything worse than anemia, so the dumbest intern class in the history of medicine must’ve mixed up her results with someone else’s.

That someone else being Izzie, of course. Hey, look at that! This episode was good enough to get me to care about Izzie again. That really is something. When Izzie went to complain about her idiotic interns to Bailey, and Bailey dismissed her with a ”get out,” I really wanted Izzie to just play the cancer card. I know, I know, it wasn’t time yet. But I am grateful, nonetheless, that we’re getting on with whatever’s wrong with Izzie, totally ghost-free. I wasn’t really clear on why Izzie was just randomly patting herself down for tumors, though — do we not have the medical technology to tell where tumors are? Did she really take a ”yes/no” cancer test, like a pregnancy test? Like, if it turns blue, you have cancer? Is that how it works? I honestly don’t know, but I’m skeptical.

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