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Grey's Anatomy recap: Rules of Engagement

From Derek’s prep to propose to Hunt’s seduction of Cristina to Mark and Lexie’s maybe-relationship, Seattle Grace is all about taking things to the next level

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Greys Beat Heart Out
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Grey's Anatomy

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So we’re Denny-free now, which is progress…though we’ve still got some dead weight bouncing around Seattle Grace, not to mention some hit-and-miss story lines. Here, the good and bad of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy:

Good: Derek’s impending proposal Sure, it was a little out of character for Meredith to offhandedly remark, after observing a couple who’d just checked in (the lovely Jennifer Westfeldt as a pregnant woman and the husband she’d just accidentally run over) that they’d have cute babies. ”Not as cute as ours, but…cute.” But it’s nice to see Mer progress, and I do think it’s cool that she and Derek play the role reversal — he wants to settle down, she’s scared — so well. And the bit where all the boys were talking about how he was going to propose, and then they had to play it off like they were talking work (”Not if you don’t want a…hematoma!” followed by a bellow of laughter) — pretty cute, really. Meredith subsequently freaked out because she could tell he’d been acting weird since the baby comment, and she wondered if perhaps he just didn’t want to have babies with her: ”My babies will have Alzheimer’s and suicidal tendencies and split ends.” Of course, that wasn’t the case — but you’ve gotta give Mer credit for self-awareness, at least.

Bad: Izzie running tests on herself — with the help of clueless interns — to figure out why ghosty Denny was trying to tell her she was about to die Would’ve been a little better if she’d found out she was more than anemic, or found out something, or advanced any story at all. Granted, I doubt we’ve dropped this just yet, but this whole plotline was a total dead-end, no thanks to what’s apparently the worst class of interns in all of medical history. They cut each other open? Laugh in the face of a guy who comes in after a, ahem, sex-related accident? (More on that in a minute.) Grossly under-utilize Melissa George’s character? And now apparently run tests without question on a woman we’re sure is dying, but find she just needs iron supplements? No wonder this damn hospital is No. 12.

Worrisome: Bailey’s career Could not love a character or an actress more, but I fear for her future. Great, the chief wants to promote her to an attending in general surgery. And she’s torn between that and the grueling nature of pediatrics, which requires doctors to watch children die. Sounds like an interesting personal essay for O magazine (with a sidebar on bedazzling heart-monitor backpacks!), but I’m not interested enough to watch this dilemma played out for weeks on my soapy doctor show.

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