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Grey's Anatomy recap: The Dying Game

The surgeons weigh the life of a child versus that of a murderer, while Izzie tries to get to the crux of her Denny issue

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I was in denial last week — of Sloan and Lexie, of New Blond Doctor, of Denny’s continued ghostly presence. I think I moved right through anger last week, too (mostly thanks to Denny). Since bargaining is moot in this economy — I’m doing whatever I’m told around here, especially since my job is watching TV. And, on that note, we’ve got plenty of depression to go around, so let’s move straight to acceptance, shall we?

Denny’s here, fine. Got it. In fact, he wouldn’t leave Izzie alone as we started this third of a Grey’s three-parter featuring the dead one, as well as the kid who needed organs and the serial killer. At least at this point, Izzie was as sick of him as we were: ”You are like the guy who graduated from high school and still hangs out on the football field,” she snapped at him. And okay, Lexie and Mark are a thing. Fine. I’d already started warming up to them last week, so I’m dealing with them now. And it was even sorta cute that Lexie ended up, well, breaking Mark. (Okay, breaking his penis.) Cute as in funny ha-ha, as in, we didn’t have much other relief from the relentless death and darkness this week, so we had to take what we could get.

Derek came in all gleeful and full of love for Meredith — even flashing an engagement ring at Cristina for approval, though she was still mad at Mer for …whatever they’ve been fighting about for a while. Of course, while he was flitting about, Meredith was deliberately not telling him that Eric Stoltz-as-death-row-prisoner’s head was bleeding out. Eric Stoltz kept saying he wanted to die and didn’t want Shepherd paged, but even Bailey — who wanted his organs for her prized young patient, Jackson — felt weird at first about just letting him go without trying to save him.

Cristina had her own problems, namely waking up next to a passed-out Hunt after their date went awry in his drunken haze. When he cornered her at work later and tried to apologize, she at first said it was okay and then said, actually, ”It’s not. But you don’t have to talk about it.” Then she scampered away. Talk about denial.

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