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Grey's Anatomy recap: Mother May I?

As Bailey struggles to save her favorite kid patient, Cristina and Owen connect even more; and Mrs. Shepherd drops by to help Derek and Mark with their ladies

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Grey's Anatomy

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Now this is my Grey’s.

Eric Stoltz Serial Killer and Kid Who Needs Organs playing off each other — and more importantly, playing the doctors off each other — perfectly. Ponytail humor. Interesting secondary medical cases that also illuminate the human condition. Tyne Daly guest starring as Derek’s mom.


Okay, so it wasn’t perfect. So Denny was still lingering, and the annoying blond pediatric doctor was still annoying, and Lexie and Mark were still hooking up. But if you ignore those little lingering problems, things went great. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to ignore those things today and focus on the good stuff, because the good was so good, and my complaints about the aforementioned have been aforementioned to death.

So onto the greatness. Bailey’s prized kid patient, Jackson, needed a liver and intestines so badly that she was obsessing about it in the middle of the night, even paging the Blond Doctor Who Shall Not Be Named to chat about it. Eric Stoltz was pondering the fact that his execution would be in five days, and he’d rather die in the hospital. We could see where this was going.

Everyone else, however, was quite focused on the impending arrival of Derek’s mom. So was I, honestly — I’ve been convinced since last week’s teaser scenes that Tyne Daly would fix everything. And I was correct. If I were acknowledging Lexie and Sloan’s right to exist, I’d mention that even they were talking about her coming visit as they also discussed Lexie’s insanely young age of 24 in a post-coital chat. And if I were recognizing Denny, I’d say that he was right there with Izzie when she told Meredith she shouldn’t wear her hair all down and regular and Meredith-y if she wanted to impress Derek’s mom. Cut to Meredith with a teenybopper hairdo, complete with pink awful-scrunchie-thing. And Derek walking in to say, ”You’re wearing an alarmingly high ponytail.” And me, celebrating the return of Grey’s.

Of course with the fun comes the drama — and the gore. As in, dude who went to Hong Kong to get his legs surgically lengthened came in with some seriously mashed up calves. ”They said it’d give me a whole 2 inches,” he explained. (He even made me really, really feel for guys for a moment. Sure, they look ridiculously sexy with gray hair, wrinkles suit them just fine — see Dr. Hunt here for prime example — and they rarely have to wax or tweeze a thing. But I felt it.) Bailey, meanwhile, was gamely setting up the impending departure of Melissa George’s Sadie, reading her the riot act for being a teeny bit encouraging to Jackson’s mother about his chances of getting a transplant. Bailey even went so far as to call her ”squirrelly.” Seriously. A little much.

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