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Grey's Anatomy recap: Fighting Temptation

While Bailey struggles with a new doctor, the rift between Cristina and Meredith grows wider; and Izzie is torn between alive Alex and dead Denny

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Greys Anatomy
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It’s been more than a month since we had a new Grey’s Anatomy, (almost) long enough to forget the bad taste it’d left in my mouth last fall, what with all the resurrected-Denny, new-doctor-paloooza, interns-operating-on-each-other nonsense. I gorged on holiday meals, I drank (lots of) New Year’s champagne, and I came back resolved to give Grey’s another chance. I wanted it to be good. I wanted it to be great, like second- and third-season great. But I’d settle for good.

I watched Mer and Der canoodling in their cocoon of blankets at the beginning, and I felt warm and cozy. Good. I saw the paramedics bring in Eric Stoltz as a death row prisoner who’d been stabbed. Cool — we could use a kickass medical case.

Then…well, Lexie and Sloan reminded me about Lexie and Sloan, as in, them getting it on last episode before the break. Ew. And a random doctor we’ve never seen showed up to tend to this adorable kid with some major abdominal trouble — and promptly dropped dead. The upside: I didn’t have to learn yet another random-doc character. The downside: I didn’t really care, and I’m tired of random docs pushing story lines around these days.

Finally, the (anti-)piece de resistance: Denny returned, this time in a gray sweater. (It’s cool that they let him keep several changes of sweater in heaven, though.) ”Why can’t I have you both?” Izzie asked He Who Will Not Die, referring presumably to her live boyfriend Alex. ” ‘Cause that’s what makes me happy.” Wow. I’m really, really trying to remind myself of a time when I liked this character — like the end of last season, when she seemed to be taking charge of her career finally, or even when she broke through Alex’s shell earlier this season by telling him over and over that she cared about him. Because really? Why can’t she have them both? Well, for starters, because one’s dead. And because she’s been cheating on the live one with the dead one. Not to mention…

Never mind. No use ranting more about this. The bottom line: Grey’s is not back from the dead, at least not with this episode. I will grant it an uptick from the last episode (you can thank the absence of Dr. Dixon and her Asperger’s for that), but I’m not ready to call it resuscitation yet.

Case in point, the mood swings I had during just one early Callie/Mark dialogue. First, he’s telling us sex with Lexie was ”mind-blowingly fantastic.” And I am just not buying this for one second. Sometimes Grey’s seems to think it can put any two hot docs together and call them a couple without checking for chemistry first — I give you George and Izzie as Exhibit A of how that goes. And this Lexie/Mark thing, while not nearly as preposterous, just isn’t lighting my fire. Callie and Mark, on the other hand…as much as I hated their convo, I could watch the two of them banter all day. As far as Callie’s crush on Sadie, I’m sorta into that — if she’s not going to be with Mark, I’ll settle for sexy Sadie.

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