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Grey's Anatomy recap: Passive-Regressive

A bus accident makes the staffers — especially Bailey — confront their teenage selves; plus, drunk Daddy Grey plays Meredith and Lexie

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”Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Back to high school

The trouble with TV’s addiction to voice-over narration is that it takes a lot of the magic out of these recaps. I mean, wouldn’t it be so much more fun if right here were the first time you were hearing that this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was all about the doctors reliving their teen issues through a high school bus crash? But, no, Meredith ruined that for us. ”Do we ever really grow up?” she asked just after we watched dorky Dr. Sydney hit on presumably cool kid McDreamy (though it’s hard not to also think about Patrick Dempsey’s star-making turn as the totally geek turned totally chic Ronald in Can’t Buy Me Love). ”There comes a point in your life when you’re officially an adult,” Meredith also told us, contradicting most of what we’ve seen on this show. Which, yes, I get it, is exactly the point.

Keeping with the we’re-all-just-kids theme, Meredith and George were blatantly avoiding Derek and Izzie. Bailey was making like a new teacher and lecturing: ”The locker is for changing, not for crying; the on-call room is not for anything that requires a locked door.” And Cristina was playing teacher’s pet by pleading for — and getting — Hahn’s cardio service. Dr. Hahn still wasn’t impressed, telling Cristina she could take a cue from the more attentive and caring Dr. Stevens.

Enough with the analogies, though, on to the real high schoolers: One girl was all worked up about talking to a plastic surgeon; naturally she turned out to be the pom captain, because God forbid we should experience too much subtlety in our teen characters here. (Sorry, are my own teen issues showing here? Go figure. Judge me at will.) ”Oh, my God, hot cheerleader ass,” Sloan whispered to Karev upon learning she had a broken tailbone, both getting back to his skeevy roots and blatantly misusing jargon. (She was a pom, not a cheerleader, which means she dances, as he himself had explained.) Made me feel far less bad for him later when some girls who were eyeing him in the cafeteria told him he looked like one of their dads.

Some poor kid elsewhere had a pencil jammed into his eye, but far more interesting was the teacher chaperone for the trip, who turned out to know one ”Mandy” — that is, the woman we know as hard-ass Bailey. There she was, giggling and flirting with good old D.B. Woodside (who looked relieved not to be pretending to run a country, à la 24, or entertaining the prospect of singing, à la Viva Laughlin), a track star she used to tutor in high school. ”I was certainly not a blithering idiot today or any other day in my life,” she, um, blithered when Hahn called her out on her behavior later.

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