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Grey's Anatomy recap: Fantasy Love

A brain-tumor patient teaches Derek and Meredith about real love; plus, Callie and Hahn play with Sloan’s head, and Ava still thinks she was pregnant

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Grey's Anatomy

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”Grey’s Anatomy”: It’s all in the brain

”The problem with being a resident is that you feel crazy all the time.” Thus spake Meredith in her opening voice-over, nicely summarizing, I think, this entire series. In fact, this episode was so studded with bon mots that we’re going to do Grey’s Anatomy Watch: All-Star Quotes Edition. (And if this snappier-than-ever writing streak continues, we’re in for one heck of a two-hour finale next week. All hail the writers’ strike.) So without further delay, the episode’s best, in quotes:

”Do you know how precious that is? Time with the person you love?”

This came from the tumor patient of the week — another of Derek and Meredith’s test cases. If you’re wondering why I was a sucker for such a sappy line, I’ve been a little emotionally vulnerable recently. (Translation: I am a big pile of goo, as I mentioned in last week’s TV Watch. It is the right time to send me nonironic Hallmark cards, as I might actually read them and might actually cry a little.) Anyway, the patient wanted to wait for her boyfriend to arrive before undergoing the likely fatal surgery, and she seemed to be delivering a pretty straightforward message to the star-crossed lovers — they should be together because life is short, etc. — until her sister insisted the boyfriend was made up. And, well, fantastical thinking is a symptom of these tumors, so suddenly this became more about the ways we ”make up” relationships in our heads, even when we’re having them with real people. Did Derek project onto Meredith? Was he expecting too much? Oh, the mind reels. And of course, this poor dying lady became yet another emotional battleground for the two: Derek wanted to wait it out and believe in her love — or at least give her a little more time with her fantasy. Meredith wanted to go in and nuke the tumor already.

Meredith: ”Are you in the dark place?”

Cristina: ”Yeah.”

Meredith: ”Me, too.”

Meredith had problems aside from tumor patients with possibly fake boyfriends; she was also having it out with her shrink over her tendency to ”quit” — i.e., her suicidal tendencies, as well as her maddening penchant for running from true love. Cristina was downright bitter and mean after last week’s Burke-newspaper-clipping-induced breakdown. She spent most of the episode taunting poor, weaker souls like Lexie and George, singing, ”No resident wings for Georgie” as he rushed around trying to help the Chief’s mentor, who’d come in for a complicated heart operation. Cristina, meanwhile, refused to go anywhere near old Dr. Tapley because she couldn’t settle for simply saving him — she’d rather be learning from him. ”It’s gonna be okay,” Meredith chirped, trying to convince herself and her twin in darkness. ”Wanna bet?” Cristina retorted. This round of who-can-be-dark-and-twistier goes to Yang.

Sloan: ”Allow yourself to grow with Rose. Share experiences. Build memories.”

Derek: ”Is this the new leaf?…Needs work.”

Sloan was trying to give up his man-whoring ways after the big showdown with the disgruntled nurses last week. So much so that he was refusing to have emotionless sex with Callie, as per their previous arrangement. ”From now on, if you want this,” he told Callie, pointing down, ”you’re gonna get this [pointing at his brain], too.” Her answer? ”Ew.” Then Hahn arrived to make more joking-lesbian comments, which led to much talk about a threesome, which Mark insisted he was not interested in.

NEXT: Lexie speaks up


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