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''Grey's Anatomy'': Morning-after blues

On ”Grey’s Anatomy,” the beta-male intern, brokenhearted after his one-night stand with Meredith, speaks his mind; plus, Addison learns that payback is an itch

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”Grey’s Anatomy”: Morning-after blues

Okay, Grey’s Anatomy: Even though George did the voice-over in last night’s episode, I still don’t accept this incredibly annoying narrative device. Walter Cronkite could do the narration and I still wouldn’t like it. Excuse me for that little rant.

Now to the episode at hand: Why is Izzie ditching Alex for a dying patient? It just felt a little weird that they were so hot for each other one moment and then heart patient Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) returns to the hospital and everything changes.

My favorite moment of the episode: Cristina’s reaction after watching the poison-oak-infected Addison itch and squirm her way into the hospital. (Although any Cristina moment in this episode was pretty damn good.) Addison’s story line was the comedy highlight of the episode. That the character is likable despite her many flaws is a testament to the show’s writing and acting: Witness Addison’s great breakdown scene with Bailey. Forget Desperate Housewives — this series boasts the most complex and interesting women’s roles on television. And not one character is holding a mentally challenged man captive in her basement.

Am I the only one who wants to take a pair of scissors, stick my hand through the television, and cut Meredith’s hair? It’s out of control. Since I’m already on Meredith’s case, I might as well bring up her hurtful treatment of George. Isn’t it like a golden rule or something that friends shouldn’t sleep with friends? It’s like opening a Pandora’s box of awkwardness and pain. Alex’s diagnosis of Meredith was pretty hilarious though. (”When your life is sucky, you get drunk and sleep with inappropriate men.”) The reaction of Cristina and Izzie felt very real, with both of them taking George’s side. And George’s relocation to Cristina and Burke’s apartment was a great idea. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, with the odd couple of George and Burke bonding.

Now, I love George, but he needs to suck it up and grow a pair. He and Meredith are starting to meld into one big glob of gloom and doom. Maybe it’s all the Seattle rain. I like that he moved out, but I hope this pushes him to stick up for himself more now. Good news: the potential love interest played by guest star Sara Ramirez. If you caught Ramirez’s Tony-winning performance in Monty Python’s Spamalot, you know she is a fantastic actress. I’m excited to see what Grey’s has in store for her.

One more big question: Where was McSteamy (Eric Dane)? It seems unfair to introduce him last week and then have him disappear. They need to hire that gentleman. Is anyone from ABC listening? Don’t make me start writin’ letters.

What do you think? Do you blame Meredith for hurting George? Did the gay-parent head-trauma subplot seem truncated? And who are you rooting for in the Izzie-Alex-Denny triangle?