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''Grey's Anatomy'': Meredith's stable relationship

On ”Grey’s Anatomy,” sparks fly when Dr. Grey and her hunky veterinarian birth a horse; plus Addison breaks the rules, and George moves home

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GREY'S ANATOMY: Craig Sjodin

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”Grey’s Anatomy”: Meredith’s stable relationship

After what felt like an eternity of empty Sunday nights, Grey’s Anatomy finally returned with a new episode. What do they expect fans to do on Sundays without Grey’s? Read? Leave the house? Um, I don’t think so. ABC, you can’t hook us on this show and then deny us our fix.

Let’s start off with what’s on everyone’s minds: George got a haircut. And it’s not good. Is he an insurance salesman from 1956? So why the boring ‘do? You’d think Callie could have pulled off a more exciting style, but perhaps they were too busy doing the nasty, as the opening scene insinuated. Not only are they having sex, but George has also apparently moved into the basement with Callie. I still don’t buy this situation. Wouldn’t a janitor or someone notice?

George and Callie weren’t the only ones gettin’ busy. Addison and Derek were also doing the deed, with decidedly less satisfying results. The lack of sexual chemistry between the two became a running joke throughout the episode, not to mention the reason for a serious case of the cranks for the two. Perhaps Derek isn’t truly meant to be with Addison. Jeepers, who could be Derek’s soul mate?

Addison and Alex squared off over a pregnant patient who wanted her tubes tied without the doctors’ ever alerting her religious husband or leaving a paper record. Though this story was interesting, I’m starting to get a little tired of Alex always playing the devil’s advocate. Doesn’t he ever agree with colleagues? Anyway, Addison chose to cut the woman’s fallopian tubes during surgery but attributed it to a ”complication.” Then, Alex insinuated to the patient’s husband that the operation was a conscious decision. Basically Addison is looking at a major lawsuit in the coming weeks, which could provide for some big moments for the normally in-control doctor.

I feel like I say this each week, but I really don’t care about Denny and Izzie anymore. I mean it this time. Every episode it’s the same thing: Izzie and Denny flirt. Denny has a medical emergency. Izzie and Denny flirt. It’s getting incredibly old. Where is this relationship going? Thank God Bailey caught Izzie and Denny hugging. Maybe that will put the kibosh on this romance. In other Izzie news, she and George finally made up, and he moved back into the house. I’m excited to see the new dynamic with Callie spending time in the house with Izzie, George, and Meredith. I’m imagining Three’s Company plus a quasi-crazy orthopedic surgeon.

Webber appears to be testing Bailey’s skills now that she’s back from her nonexistent maternity leave. I wish there were more to say about this, but either it was just a teaser and will develop further or this plotline was sorely underdeveloped.

In the most emotional story line of the evening, Burke treated a violinist that he revered. Sadly the guy ended up dying during surgery, allowing the sensitive side of Burke to appear. He told Cristina he admired the violinist for his work ethic and went on to confess that he wasn’t the most innately talented surgeon in medical school but he worked harder than anyone else. It was nice to see a little bit of who Burke is. Basically, he’s not Cristina.

Meredith and Finn (guest star Chris O’Donnell) had a unique date, to say the least. The good vet took Meredith on an ”errand,” which was actually helping a pregnant horse give birth. After the delivery (which, thankfully, ABC did not show), they retired back to Finn’s place for the second half of the date. Unfortunately, the duo was interrupted by a house call from McDreamy, carrying his sick dog, Doc. The look on McDreamy’s face when he saw Meredith was pretty stunning. He literally looked like his dog had just died. Could this mean he’s not quite over her? Big surprise. At least Addison benefited from McDreamy’s veterinarian visit. After seeing Meredith with Finn, McDreamy suddenly had the urge to have hot sex. Some people use oysters as an aphrodisiac. For McDreamy, it’s Meredith, post-horse birthing.

What do you think? Will Addison get sued for malpractice? Will Izzie be fired for her relationship with Denny? And will McDreamy stop pining over Meredith — at least temporarily?