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''Grey's Anatomy'': Meredith meets her family

On ”Grey’s Anatomy,” Meredith learns her estranged father has two other daughters; plus, George puts the moves on Callie

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GREY'S ANATOMY: Franck Ockenfels

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”Grey’s Anatomy”: Meredith meets her family

The first ten minutes of last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy were among the best, funniest, and most entertaining series of scenes the show has ever produced. Actually, the entire episode was fantastic. (Note to the Grey’s producers: This would be a good episode to submit for Emmy consideration.) The dialogue was sharp and witty, and the acting was as natural as it has ever been. And, best of all, Meredith wasn’t annoying. She was actually kind of funny and self-deprecating. Plus, how can we not feel bad for the poor girl after it turned out she had a sister she never knew about? Grey’s has provided some fabulous twists in the past, but that one truly caught me off guard. All that and a guest appearance from Mare Winningham, looking great by the way. Appearing in St. Elmo’s Fire must be the fountain of youth, considering the ageless appearances of Winningham, Rob Lowe, and Demi Moore. Someone should check into that.

This episode was like a guest-star-palooza, with Winningham, Laurie Metcalf as a cancer patient, and Chris O’Donnell as Doc the dog’s veterinarian. Metcalf had the emotional highlight of the night when she told her daughter that she was dying (”You promise me you won’t be sad for too long?”), which brought Timbo to major tears. The confession was instigated by Alex’s scolding of the patient, who was keeping her illness a secret from her daughter. This story line showed that Alex actually does have what it takes to be a good doctor. But when he was defending himself to Burke after being criticized for being too frank, I had the feeling that what was really making him angry was Izzie not being honest about her feelings for Denny.

Speaking of Denny, it looks like the old heart patient might be pulling through for at least the next couple of episodes. He and Izzie had some quality Scrabble time in the hospital, along with some major flirting. Does Izzie ever go home? If she’s so concerned about George, perhaps she should actually spend time with the poor guy. When she wasn’t knitting or playing Scrabble, Izzie took the time to interrogate George’s new flame, Callie. How much do you love Callie? Not only are she and George great Taboo competitors (I think that’s what they were playing), but she truly seems to love him. (”He makes my world stop.”)

George and Callie’s relationship is progressing smoothly, and she even has the skills to give the poor guy a haircut, except he interrupted it to put the moves on her. Frankly, I’m surprised Callie could stand to get close to George with his hair still lookin’ so crazy, but then again, women who live in hospital basements can’t exactly be picky. While we’re on the topic, who lives in a hospital basement? I know she kept telling George that she wasn’t crazy, but her choice of domiciles certainly doesn’t exactly scream sanity.

Cristina’s competitive nature revealed itself again, during the hilarious opening game-night sequence and, later, when she and Webber took the same medical course at the hospital. Showing the two surgeons compete was pretty genius, but the best part was when he actually beat her at the surgery test. (”They call me Dr. Webber!”) It was the first time Webber showed a humorous side. The comic relief was a good thing, because there was nothing funny about his encounter with Thatcher Grey at the surgical board.

Knitting is the newest hobby with the Grey’s Anatomy ladies. Well, knitting and celibacy. Neither proved much help to Meredith when she discovered that her father, Thatcher, was at the hospital with his second wife and their pregnant daughter. Meredith’s interrogation of her new sister (which revealed that she actually has a second sister who’s in medical school at Harvard) was heartbreaking. It was as if she were listening to the life she had always wanted but never had.

Bailey was back at the hospital, thankfully sans baby. But she still got a chance to show off her new maternal skills by comforting a young surgical patient of McDreamy.

Finally, we come to Mr. O’Donnell. He made a brief appearance at the very end of the episode sporting some very attractive Seattle scruff. Apparently, no one in the state owns a razor. Well, except maybe for George, but he actually just strikes me as prepubescent.

What do you think? Is Alex in danger of getting fired? Where is George going to wind up living? And who are we going to see more of on the show: Denny or Meredith’s new family?