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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Map of You'

Glue from a broken mug inspires two surgeries; Derek plans to Dad it up so Meredith can study

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Greys Anatomy Recap
Randy Holmes/ABC

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Episode 5, “Map of You,” was all about the system of connection (and germs) as Derek’s soothing bedtime-story voiceovers accompanied a lone red mug — the Flat Stanley of Fiestaware, if you will — from the dream house to Grey Sloan Memorial and back.

See, all of life’s chance occurrences — a dozen people sharing the same nasty mug in a single day, Alex dashing by Jo to get in the elevator while they were speaking on the phone, the way Leah “Who?” Murphy apparently spent three hours creating loose beach waves before coming in to work that day — are actually orchestrated to compel a specific pattern. These connections determine everything about us. What we love, what we hate, what we say, what we do….

Derek sounds a little stoned, to be honest, but I’m sticking with him, definitely. He’s going places in his mind. I think the lesson to be learned from all of tonight’s mug madness is: Dude, don’t even worry about washing your dishes! A good lap around a festering hospital, complete with a surf session atop a glue-y iPad, is all it needs. Put it back into the cupboard and start the gentle cycle over in the morning.

So, big news: Derek will be stepping away from the surgery table to give Greasy Hair Mer the slack she needs to “make this year count.” She’ll get to be at the hospital more and engage in more tense verbal conflicts with Cristina, while Derek will be the one having more fun — playing with their kids as well as the brain-mapping computer interface system (virtual reality…it’s aliiiiiive!) he developed with Callie. The Lady Torres’ interest in the project had waned along with her interest in Arizona. But then quadriplegic self-hating drunk-driving death-causer hyphenate-patient Mickey basically volunteered his own life in the interest of helping other people… and Callie was back on track.

Did the sudden popping out of Mickey’s entire brain on the operating table take anyone else by surprise? I was just startled a bit. Hey, whatever. Hang loose, man, it’s season 10. Go with what works, even if it doesn’t. Just ease a brain out of a skull and lift it up, Rafiki-style, to be exalted. Admire the trillions of connections! Really think about your last coffee mug. Where is it? Did Smash just smash it? What does that mean?

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