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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Man on the Moon'

Kepner’s clone-sisters arrive to prepare for her wedding to Matthew, which is totally not gonna happen

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Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr., Kevin McKidd, Jessica Capshaw
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“Man on the Moon” introduced us to April’s three insufferable sisters: Dopey, Dumpy, and Drunky. They still call her Ducky, because she was an ugly duckling as a child. How terribly cruel. Can’t they see she’s a freaking kick-ass surgeon? Or in terms that would actually resonate with them — can’t they see she’s a beautiful swan with well-conditioned hair who has HAD SEX BEFORE?

Boom! They’re out of the wedding (that is not going to happen). April announces at her shower that Mer, Yang, and Arizona will be her bridesmaids instead. Cut to Mer, Yang, and Arizona completely not caring. Ha!

It’s all for the best. The April clones are clueless about most things — the mouthiest, most-cheated-on one told Arizona, “I have a cat at home who lost a leg. Every time I see him hopping around, I think that is real strength” — but at least they had the good sense to swoon violently, like fish flopping on the shore, as soon as Jackson Avery sweeps into the frame with his green eyes, handsomeness, and keen sense of responsibility. (“We’re on call,” he says out loud.) Forget that pesky, hunky EMT — there’s a doctor in the house!

On their way out of the coffee shop/petting zoo, Matthew and Jackson end up having to work together on an emergency patient who’d been fighting for a taxi that might not even have been rightfully his, who knows, who cares? We get a nice, albeit random shot of Jackson’s shiny-jeaned butt as the two April-lovers hover over the hippie; then Matthew performs a rush tracheotomy on his neck.

Jackson yells at Matthew in front of the April clones as if Matthew had trached the hippie all wrong, but later admits to April during a sexual tension bypass surgery that Matthew’s technique had actually been fine and he’d have done the same, totally heroic thing. Then he tells Matthew for the second time that he’d done it wrong. Huh? Oh, and Matthew insists to Jackson that April would really want him at their not-happening wedding, so he should come.

Got all that?

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