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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Get Up, Stand Up'

Season 10’s winter finale delivers a cliffhanger at April’s wedding, haunting flashbacks for raging Shane, and more Meredith-Cristina drama

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Grey’s Anatomy‘s season 10 winter finale, “Get Up, Stand Up,” left us hanging during April’s wedding to Matthew — a ceremony which might never have happened if everyone else hadn’t stopped yapping about their personal problems! The protestor to their holy union? Well, it wasn’t April herself, as we viewers (along with every doctor in the hospital) expected. April’s first and perhaps only love, Jackson Avery, stood up at the crucial time — hands shaking, dreamy green eyes glittering. And he said….

Nothing! He sat right back down. Intern Steph got the man she apparently loves back for about four weird seconds.

Suddenly he was back up!

“April, I love you,” said Jackson. “I always have. I love everything about you. Even the things I don’t like, I love. And I want you with me. I love you, and I think that you love me too…. Do you?”

And that was it! That’s how we’re leaving things until next year. April has weeks upon weeks to mull over her decision. Meredith and Cristina have plenty of time to keep having the same fight they’ve already had… again. And again and again. I just hope at some point Alex and Jo have the sense to sneak back out to that sexy barn wall for some more fierce makeout sessions. If anyone should be tying the knot, maybe it’s those two. He’s already planning out their happy, isolated, don’t-need-nothin’-from-nobody nuclear family and everything. In due time, Alex.

I’ll go back to the beginning and just recap the events chronologically, as I’ve received your feedback about how my Grey’s recaps are “all over the place.” To be honest, so is the show. But here we go: This is exactly what happened.

Cristina’s struggling through a press conference about her miracle-baby surgery. She stammers that she’s “cautiously optimistic” about Nathan’s recovery, and Intern Shane grabs the mic and corrects her with a more press-friendly release of B.S. “Dr. Yang hit a home run!” he announces. “Thanks to her, Baby Nathan is thriving.” Outside, Yang is incredulous, but Owen’s on Shane’s side and tells Yang she was “tanking” in there. Cristina lets Shane know she’s not the only one who’s noticed Shane needs to relax. He somehow thinks she’s suggesting they both should release some tension in the on-call room. Clueless.

Owen Hunt, Event Planner M.D. is roaming around making sure everyone will attend April’s wedding. Callie and Derek say yes. As usual, every time Intern Leah speaks, I get confused. She’s ranting to Interns Jo and Steph about how she’s “some pathetic, leftover, shriveled, discarded thing she left on her shoe.” Wait, as in… April’s so much better than her because she’s getting married and Leah is alone? Nope — Leah is talking about Arizona. Because that’s ALL she talks about. Girl is nuts. We’ve seen glimpses before of just how nuts — but in this episode she’s next-level nuts. The question is: Does anyone care?

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