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''Grey's Anatomy'': George's bad hair day

On ”Grey’s Anatomy,” George gives himself a bad haircut; meanwhile, Izzie forgets her bedside manners, and Cristina fails her mommy road test

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GREY'S ANATOMY: Frank Ockenfels/ABC

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”Grey’s Anatomy”: George’s bad hair day

Poor George. Not only did Meredith screw him over royally, but he also foolishly cut his own hair with what looked like nose-hair scissors. George, haven’t you ever heard of the Flowbee, the old suck-and-cut device? I’m sure eBay has a bunch of those for sale. Still, I understand why he’s trying to start over again. And I love it that Burke is trying to help him and the two are bonding. That breakfast scene with the two new BFFs and Cristina was fabulous. My favorite moment, though, was the two guys’ little jam session, with George playing the clarinet.

In other George news, he needs to begin dating Dr. Torres (Sara Ramirez), stat. I love her. And she actually doesn’t seem to mind that George looks so crazy with that haircut. She certainly has a shot, as it appears George and Meredith won’t be reconciling soon. Bonus points to the writers for having McDreamy recommend that she give George her big ”I’m sorry” speech in the elevator, since, as he said, that’s what he does.

Um, excuse me, Natalie Cole, but you have a fork in your neck. Yep, the ”Unforgettable” singer made a guest appearance on last night’s episode with an eating utensil lodged in her neck. How it got there is a little complicated and probably a little too obscene for this family website, but let’s just say it involved a certain intimate activity and an aneurysm. Cole did a lovely job with her guest spot. She and her husband had great chemistry, and the plotline did a nice job of opening McDreamy’s eyes to how much he was ignoring Addison.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel bad for Alex? I know he’s the resident jerk on the show, but Izzie’s denial of their relationship is pretty damn cold. That being said, the scene where Izzie persuaded Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to let them install a device in his heart totally activated the Tim tear ducts. When she said, ”We need more time,” the tears began falling like raindrops. And it looks like we’ll be seeing Denny again next week, although those cryptic previews didn’t look so promising.

I’m not sure I buy the whole plotline with Bailey bringing her son to work. For one, I just don’t think she would be allowed to walk around the hospital and see patients while carrying an infant. What if the baby catches something? The upside to this story line was that Cristina had to care for the little tyke, leading to all sorts of hilarious baby high jinks. See Cristina change a diaper. See Cristina try and sing the alphabet song. See Cristina try and quiet the baby. All great. And I love that Bailey is able to tell which of the baby’s cries is which. (”That’s cry number four. You need to feed him.”) Burke’s reaction while watching Cristina trying to feed the baby was so cute. Did he maybe see a little peek into the future — or at least what he hopes their future will be?

Meanwhile, it was a much brighter day for Addison. Someone finally showed her some love. Granted, it was a patient’s husband who thought she resembled a ”young Catherine Deneuve.” And it broke my heart when she went into the patient’s room after delivering the baby and the husband hardly even looked up at her. At least she finally had a breakthrough with McDreamy at the end of episode, when he admitted that he was partly to blame for their estranged relationship.

So Meredith and McDreamy are working on their friendship, which should be interesting. But are we really supposed to believe he had no idea that she and George slept together? Please! This hospital is as gossipy as a high school cafeteria. His reaction after she told him, though, was perfect. He looked heartbroken. Oh, McDreamy. You sad little heartthrob. Cheer up. Things could be a lot worse. (It’s not like you have to deal with snarky readers leaving mean comments after you spend your entire night composing a critique of your favorite ABC hospital drama.) Oh and something tells me this whole ”friends” thing isn’t going to last either.

What do you think? Will George and Dr. Torres get together? How about Izzie and Denny? And can Meredith and McDreamy stay just friends?